Housing for older people

Pensioner Housing

Whanganui District Council provides quality housing for older people with low to moderate financial means. 

The council owns 275 units in 16 separate complexes throughout Whanganui. We have 234 single units (including two for people with significant disabilities who use a wheelchair) and 41 suitable for couples. Each unit has an open-plan living area with a separate bedroom and bathroom / laundry area.

Apply for a housing unit

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for council housing:

  • You need to be a New Zealand citizen or resident
  • You need to be aged 65 years or older – if applying as a couple, one person must be 65 or older
  • You need to be able to live alone and compatibly with others
  • You must not own any residential property
  • Your income must be less than $61,538 per year before tax (single person)
  • Your assets need to be less than $124,379 in value (single person) 
  • If you are applying as a couple, both applicants should have an income of $74,300 or less per year before tax and both applications must have assets less than $124,379 in value.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will need to fill out an application form which can be downloaded below or pick up an application form from 101 Guyton Street or call us on 06 349 0001 and we can post one to you.

Download an application form(PDF, 971KB)


(Effective 13 February 2024)

Single    $158.50 per week  
Couple  $206.00 per week

The bond to be paid is four weeks' rental.

General information

All units are supplied with carpets, linoleum, drapes and a stove. The units are maintained by the council and the grounds are maintained by council contractors. Tenants are responsible for a small garden in front of their unit.

Tenant wellbeing

Age Concern is available to provide specialist advice, support and to facilitate connection to other service providers. This service is free to all tenants.

Quality of life

The occupancy rate for our housing is about 95%.

A 2017 survey indicated 90.5% of tenants were satisfied or very satisfied with their housing. The tenants considered the best aspects of living in the units were the location of the complexes, good neighbours and companionship, good maintenance provided by the council, and the level of independence and privacy provided by the unit.

Other positive comments were that the units were comfortable, compact, sunny and cosy, and located in quiet and peaceful areas. Almost all tenants felt safe and secure in their units.

Pet information

The council is aware of the positive effect pets can have on the lives of older people in our district. Pets provide affection, companionship and have been shown to benefit wellbeing and quality of life for people of all ages.

Council tenants have previously been unable to have pets at any of our housing complexes but this has now changed. Following a successful pet trial at several complexes in mid-2021, residents at all council housing complexes are now able to keep fish and birds.

Residents at most complexes can now also keep a cat, with these exceptions:

  • Ladysmith complex – 6 Kawakawa Street
  • Walter Nash complex – Walter Nash Place
  • Konini / Parsons complex – 189 Parsons Street
  • Kawakawa / Nixon complex – 1 Kawakawa / 66 Nixon streets.

If you’d like to keep a pet at one of our housing complexes please contact the council’s Housing Officer to sign a pet care agreement, which provides details of the pet including a photo and who will be responsible for your pet if you become unable to look after it.

Download a pet information sheet(PDF, 774KB)


Enquiries are welcome and can be made directly to our Housing Officer, Brenda Hoskins, at Whanganui District Council by calling (06) 349 0001 or emailing brenda.hoskins@whanganui.govt.nz

Download our housing brochure(PDF, 2MB)