Event Funding

Whanganui & Partners provides funding and support for a number of events that it identifies through funding criteria as having a significant economic impact.

What events are likely to be funded?

Event funding from this budget is seed funding – initial money to get an event underway and through the early stages of development.

It is expected that as an event grows it should develop a sustainable business plan and secure sponsorship and/or other funding and revenue so that Whanganui & Partners event funding can lessen and end.

We want to support events that align with our strategic goals. We will prioritise funding for events that are:

  • Relevant to Whanganui’s arts, culture or heritage
  • A tournament or competition bringing in visitors for more than a day
  • Encouraging visitors to stay in commercial accommodation
  • Likely to be held between April and August
  • Intended to be an annual event

For more information, visit the Whanganui & Partners website