Apply for a Special Licence

A special licence allows you to sell or supply alcohol to anyone attending an event, private function, street party, sporting event or show. Special licences can be either "on-site" for consumption on the premises, or "off-site" for consumption elsewhere.

Special licences are granted per event or for a series of events.


  • Applications must be lodged with the Whanganui District Licensing Committee at least 20 working days before the licence is required.
  • Applications received outside this deadline may not be accepted by the Whanganui District Licensing Committee for consideration.
  • In regards to processing of applications please note on and between 20 December and 15 January are non-working days in regards to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. Therefore applications should be made well in advance of this period to ensure the licence can be granted prior to your event.

If you are planning to hold an event in a public place (park, reserve, road or square), a Parks and Open Spaces Licence will most likely be required.

If your event is on private land and you are erecting a marquee of more than 100m2stage or a seating structure you may need to obtain a building consent.

The above approvals and consents are separate from alcohol licensing. Some of the above permits need to be applied for well in advance (eg: as early as 60 days) of the event date. Alcohol Licensing officers may not be able to assess your special licence application or issue your licence until we have received confirmation that other approvals and consents required for your event have been granted.

Apply online

Step 1.What you will need

  • Certified manager’s details
  • Details of the event you require a licence for:
    • Purpose/nature of event(s)
    • Name of event
    • Dates
    • Areas of the premises to be used
    • Entry requirements
  • A floor plan of the building/detailed site plan of the area to be licensed, showing designated areas and principal entrance
  • Confirmation of any other required consents/approvals granted or have been applied for e.g. building consent, lease of public space
  • Any relevant publicity and promotional material related to your event
  • Alcohol Management Plan
  • Menu
  • Draft public notice (for events larger than 400 people)
  • Copy of Manager’s Certificate(s) (if applicable)
  • Credit card (if paying by credit card

Step 2.Submit an application

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You can also pay the licence fee via credit card or bank transfer as part of the application process.