Our recruitment process

This information will assist you to compile your application and explains the selection process.

Being eligible to apply

To be considered for any vacancy you must hold (or be eligible to hold) New Zealand citizenship, permanent resident status, or a NZ work permit. If you do not meet this requirement your application will not be considered.

Before you apply

Read the position profile attached to the advertised vacancy. This describes the tasks and success criteria for the position. It identifies the knowledge, experience, skills and personal attributes we believe are necessary for the role. These are our selection criteria. The position profile is an important document and we advise you to think carefully about statements made within it.

How to present your application

This is up to you, but it should be appropriate for the position you are applying for. Your application should include the following:

  • covering letter - this is your chance to introduce yourself and tell us why you are the right person for the job
  • completed application form
  • CV - we suggest the following format, please list:

Employment history

Each employer should be listed from the most recent first (reverse chronological order). Please provide:

  • employer's name
  • dates employed
  • job title
  • position tasks - a brief statement
  • achievements
  • reason for leaving their employment

Qualifications, training and skills

List the most recent first (reverse chronological order)


Tell us your interests and leisure activities


Provide at least 2 - preferably recent employers, previous managers or people who can comment on your work performance. Provide the following details:

  • their name
  • contact details and their position
  • their relationship to you
  • permission to contact them

Application guidelines

  • Be clear and specific in your application. Tell us what you know and what you can do - but please be brief.
  • Do not send any attachments with your application, such as examples of work, publications etc. If selected for an interview, you can provide them at the interview.

Applications are ONLY accepted online via our website.

Applications must be submitted before the closing date and time on the advertised vacancy. If you are unable to meet the closing date, please contact us, we may be able to grant a slight extension of time.
All applications are acknowledged by return email. All applicants are notified of the outcome of their application as soon as possible.

Our selection process

Each application will be considered on its own merits after reviewing the applicant’s background, requirements of the job and other relevant factors.


Short-listing for interviews is usually within a few days of the vacancy closing date. If you are short-listed, we will contact you by phone to attend an interview.

We aim to tell applicants as soon as possible if they have been unsuccessful. At the latest - this will be when the successful applicant has accepted the position.


Interviews are conducted by a panel of 3 or 4 people. All interviewees are asked the same questions, to ensure all are treated fairly. We include behavioural type questions, which ask you to give examples of what you have done in situations similar to those you will encounter in the new position.

If you are required to present information, carry out a practical task or complete a questionnaire, in addition to the standard interview, we will let you know prior to your interview.


Before making a final decision on the successful applicant, we contact your referees to verify the information provided at the interview. We will ask your permission before contacting referees.

Checks on credit, criminal history and qualifications

Any of the above checks may be required, dependant on job requirements. Should any of these checks be carried out, we will ask your permission.

Appointment process

If you are successfully selected for the position, we will contact you by phone. This will be followed-up with a written offer and an employment agreement.

Enquiries and follow-up

Any enquiries, complaints or follow-up information is to be directed through our Human Resources team, phone 06 349 0001.

No enquiries are to be directed to the Mayor or elected councillors as recruitment matters are outside their area of responsibility. It is inappropriate that they become involved in staff management and recruitment issues.