Whanganui District Council bylaws are rules or regulations that are created to control specific activities within the Whanganui District.

These bylaws help ensure that our community is safe, healthy and vibrant. They are also a useful way of dealing with particular local nuisance problems that the Council deems significant enough to pass enforcement options. Bylaws are made by the Council in accordance with requirements set out in the Local Government Act 2002.

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Regulate activities that can be carried out in public places, parks and reserves, including roads, to ensure acceptable standards of convenience, safety, visual amenity and civic values are maintained.

Following a review, the name of the bylaw was changed from Public Places, Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2016 to Public Places Bylaw 2023.

This bylaw applies to all trade premises within the Whanganui District where sewage of a  non‐domestic nature is discharged or likely to be discharged to the Council’s sewerage system. The bylaw also applies to tankered waste discharged to Council’s sewerage system.

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