Walkways & Road Reserves


Reserve walkways provide connection between parks and open spaces, leading to and encircling reserve land and making use of Whanganui’s association with both river and coast.

There are a number of circuits that can be created by keen walkers looking for an exercise route. They include Ben’s Place Walkway, Moutoa Quay Reserve, Riverbank Reserve, Moutoa Quay Riverfront Development and Taupō Quay Esplanade, Alexa Place Walkway, Burnett Terrace Walkway, Smart Terrace Walkway, Victoria Park Walkway, Ghost Tracks, Christie’s Hill Walkway, Mt View Walkway, Durie Hill Steps, Taylor Street Walkway.

More information from isite Whanganui Visitor Information Centre

Road reserves

Road reserves refer to urban grass verges alongside roads and also roundabouts and traffic islands. Whanganui has 16 hectares of road reserves – this includes 10,000 street trees.

Road reserves beautify streets, and provide areas for walking and jogging.