These documents contain Whanganui District Council's planned activities, as well as projected spending. These include annual and long-term plans.

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The Council's Annual Plan for 2022/23(PDF, 4MB) including work programmes for the coming year and amendments to the Long Term Plan 2021-2031.

Key decisions made by Council in this year’s Annual Plan include agreeing to:

  • Introduce a kerbside recycling service from 1 July 2023
  • Introduce kerbside food waste service from 1 July 2024. 

After hearing community submissions, councillors voted to lower the cost of kerbside services by 20 percent (using central government funding from waste levies).

Other key decisions made by council at is deliberations on 26 May 2022 include:

  • Reducing the debt retirement rate to zero for 2022/23. 
  • Increasing the stormwater rate for serviceable properties and properties in Magnolia Crescent, Simon Street and Morell Street to 75% of the rate for a fully serviced property from 1 July 2022.
  • Confirming the changes to Splash Centre fees and charges for 2022/23 as outlined in the supporting information to the Draft Annual Plan 2022/23.
  • Approving the removal of general rates as a funding source for kerbside service set-up costs in 2022/23 in the Revenue and Financing Policy 2022.
  • Requesting the Chief Executive to provide a report to the ICCEMT Committee on the matter of road safety infrastructure on Seafront Road and the Seafront Road playground, and on the matter of Rimu and Puriri St roading safety improvements.
  • Approving the adjustment of the funding split between the general rate and CBD rates for the Mainstreet CBD maintenance contract to maintain the CBD targeted rate to similar levels as set for 2021/22.
  • Approving the use of $25,000 of the existing Climate Change Fund for the promotion of the high frequency bus trial in 2022/23. 

The council's Annual Plan 2023/24, including our work programmes for the coming year, can be found here(PDF, 68MB)

Some of the big decisions made by the council in this year’s Annual Plan include:

  • keeping the Rotokawau Virginia Lake Aviary open and funding immediate remedial works, as well as investigating options for enhancing the aviary for consideration in the Long-Term Plan 2024-2034 (see media release here)
  • a number of cuts and deferrals(PDF, 735KB) to budgets across the council's work programmes in order to keep the rates rise as low as possible
  • a rates rise of 8.3%, due to increased costs to deliver the council's services. Following the adoption of the plan, the rates rise was revised down to 7.9% due to there being a higher number of new properties in the district than expected. The additional growth has helped to reduce the rates increase for existing properties (see media release here)

After hearing community submissions on the Annual Plan, councillors also decided to:

  • reinstate $50,000 of the climate change budget to commission a district-specific risk and threat assessment
  • increase the Whanganui Surf Lifesaving Club annual grant by $15,000
  • refer a number of requests to the community initiatives process for the Long-Term Plan 2024-34.

Overview including Community Outcomes and detailed financial information. Amended on 30 June 2016.

The supporting policies include:

  • Policy for Remission of Rates on Maori Freehold Land
  • Policy for Postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land
  • Policy on Remission of Rates
  • Policy for Postponement of Rates
  • Liability Management Policy
  • Investment Policy
  • Financial Strategy
  • Revenue and Financing Policy
  • Significance and Engagement Policy
  • Development Contributions Policy
  • Earthquake-prone Buildings Policy
  • Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy
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