Our Housing Strategy

Whanganui homes

The purpose of this strategy is to provide a vision and framework to address the housing issues in Whanganui.

Being a liveable district that works for everyone is a grounding priority in the Leading Edge Strategy, and having a home that is safe, warm, dry and affordable (within a great community) is a basic requirement to ensure that we can achieve this. If our residents are housed appropriately this provides an important foundation for people to live well and contribute positively - within their families, communities and wider district. As a result, improving housing outcomes is a critical factor in supporting the needs of our growing, and increasingly vibrant, district.

This strategy outlines the goals we will work towards and the ways we will achieve these. Although this strategy is owned by the council it will take a community effort to lead this change. This will see us collaborate, advocate, explore and implement in conjunction with other leaders and stakeholders to help realise the best outcomes for our people, and our district. It covers the housing continuum and uses the Housing Adequacy Framework - spanning from social housing through to affordable housing and the needs of the wider market. The housing continuum is a well-used tool by central and local government to demonstrate the differing needs of housing across a broad scale.

Housing continuum