Planning for future housing

One of our housing strategy goals is to develop housing so that Whanganui’s housing systems and infrastructure function well.

This means land use planning and management of growth is proactive and reflects the housing need in Whanganui, social housing options are supported, suitable land is freed up for development and the council makes regulatory processes, like applying for consent, as easy as possible.

The council’s work to plan for, enable and develop housing includes:

  • Planning for sustainable growth, Development of a residential growth strategy to ensure Whanganui’s growth needs can be sustainably met
  • Promotion of infill housing and urban consolidation, including through initiatives like our Town Centre Regeneration Project and support for residential conversion of town centre buildings
  • Increase housing land supply by completing the Springvale Structure Plan rezoning process and rezoning land around the Castlecliff Golf Club
  • Investigate the feasibility of infrastructure upgrades with Horizons Regional Council to allow for residential expansion and intensification in Whanganui East
  • Look at under-used land for housing development
  • Investigate rates remission options for first home builders