Positive Ageing

Positive Ageing Forum

Whanganui District Council is committed to promoting positive attitudes to ageing in Whanganui so that older adults are able to be as informed, active, healthy and independent as possible, and be the heart of our community.

Whanganui demands the best for its community of older adults with their diverse backgrounds, characteristics, needs and expectations.

Our city offers a wonderful place to live and work, and there are opportunities to get involved for people of all ages. Easy access to parks and walkways and arts and cultural facilities such as libraries, the museum and art gallery make Whanganui a great place to be.

Whanganui Positive Ageing Forum

The Whanganui Positive Ageing Forum was formed in 2003 to bring together organisations with an interest in older people in Whanganui.

The aim of the forum is to develop ways to make Whanganui a better – or even the best – place to live for older Whanganui people. The forum acts as a channel for groups to pass on information to the Council and other agencies, and for the Council to channel information back to the community.

Meetings are held four times per year in the Council Chamber at Whanganui District Council, 101 Guyton Street.

Positive Ageing Forum recommendations

In September 2018 the Positive Ageing Forum made the following recommendations:

  • That Whanganui District Council, in partnership with the Positive Ageing Forum, endorses in principle the Age-Friendly Communities model proposed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • That Council support the creation of an age-friendly steering group to begin the process.

Development of age-friendly community plan

The age-friendly steering group is in the process of initial consultation with the community on what an age-friendly community looks like. A draft plan will be developed and will go out to the community for consultation and feedback.

For more information, contact Safer Whanganui manager Lauren Tamehana by calling (06) 349 0001 or email: lauren.tamehana@whanganui.govt.nz