Animal Pound

The council has a new animal pound facility at 7 Airport Road. The pound has been set up to look after stray dogs, reunite lost dogs with their owners and rehome eligible dogs whose owners cannot be located, as well as shelter other impounded animals like chickens, lambs and goats on a temporary basis.

If your dog is missing, please phone the council on 06 349 0001.

If your dog is listed on the Adopt a Dog Facebook page, please call us 24/7 on 06 349 0001.

As well as 47 animal welfare-compliant dog kennels, a feature of the new animal pound is a dedicated education room for in-person and video presentations to the community on responsible dog ownership. Services such as rehoming, microchipping, registration and temporary housing are also available through the pound.

Visits by members of the public to the animal pound are by appointment only and visits are only possible on weekdays between 11.00am and 1.00pm.

Book an appointment

For any enquiries about making an appointment, please call the council on 06 349 0001.

Adopting a pound pooch

Pound pooches for adoption are posted on the Council's Adopt a Dog Facebook page.

To adopt a dog, you must be over 16 years old, have an adequately fenced property to contain the dog and be able to pay adoption costs.

If the dog is not suitable it may be returned for a refund within a suitable time frame. Microchipping is non-refundable. All pooches must be de-sexed.

In ALL cases, one of our team will need to do a property inspection to make sure your property place is appropriate and we think your new pooch will be happy.

For more information, call us on 06 349 0001.

Missing dogs

If your dog is missing, phone the animal management team on 06 349 0001 immediately and provide an accurate description of your dog and the area from which it strayed.

Often we can match up your reported lost dog with a reported found dog.

If your dog is found wearing a registration tag or has a microchip (that has been recorded on the council records) we will contact you and inform you of its whereabouts or return the dog to you.