Cremations are arranged either directly through the Council’s sexton or through the families’ chosen funeral director, who will contact the sexton on your behalf.

Cremations take place at Aramoho Cemetery, Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm. Saturday cremations are available at an additional cost. Cremations outside of these hours are by arrangement and for an additional cost.

Because of the nature of the cremation process caskets must be made of combustible materials. Glass cannot be included in the casket because of the damage it causes to the cremator during heating.

Service Day   Fee
Adult cremations (includes plastic urn) Weekday $682
  Saturday morning $800
Children cremations (under 15 years)   $0
Stillborn cremations   $0
Cremation of indigent person   $124
Medical referee’s form   At cost
Burial of ashes   $261
Use of chapel for services  


Cremations held after 1pm Saturday
Memorial Wall plaque installation   $308
Additional fees apply for funerals extending after 5pm weekdays or 1pm Saturday. NB: Usually requires one staff member    44 per hour per staff member.



When booking a cremation the family will need to give thought to the collection or interment of ashes. In general, ashes may be collected 24 hours after the cremation and within five days.

If the deceased’s representative wishes to arrange for an interment then either a cremation plot will need to be bought or an already owned plot can be used. If ashes are not collected they will be returned to the funeral director involved.    

Alternatively, the ashes may be collected and scattered privately elsewhere. There is also the option of a plaque on the Memorial Wall to the rear of the chapel as a permanent marker for a loved one. 

A Certificate of Cremation is available on request 24 hours after cremation.