Welcoming Activities Grant

The Whanganui Welcoming Activities Grant supports initiatives that help to make Whanganui more welcoming for newcomers.

Groups can apply for up to $1000 in financial support for activities that enhance newcomer experiences in Whanganui, such as improving access to information and services, celebrating culture and supporting civic and economic opportunities.

Successful activities will align with the Whanganui Welcoming Communities vision, and at least one of the eight outcomes of the Welcoming Communities’ Standard for New Zealand.

Read the Welcoming Activities Grant overview(PDF, 1016KB)

March 2024 - Welcoming Neighbourhoods!
A welcoming community starts in our neighbourhoods. It’s about knowing your neighbours, welcoming new people, and supporting each other when needed. Which is why this March, Welcoming Communities is supporting ‘Neighbours Month’ – an initiative led by Neighbours Aotearoa which encourages everyone to do something small - or large! – to get to your neighbours a bit better.

It could be a street BBQ, picnic and games at the park, Easter Egg hunt, plant swap, a street garage sale… Anything that brings people together in a fun and friendly way.

If you’ve got an idea for your street or neighbourhood, reach out to our local Neighbours Aotearoa Connector, Jillaine, for advice, tips and support. You can contact Jillaine on 021 399 555 or email jillaine@neighboursaotearoa.nz

Welcoming Communities is offering a subsidy of up to $100 per neighbourhood activity held in March 2024 through the Welcoming Activities Fund.

Read more about the Welcoming Neighbourhoods subsidy here(PDF, 250KB)

Welcoming Activities Grant - How to apply

Applications for the Welcoming Activities Grant can be received throughout the year and will be assessed in the nearest upcoming assessment round. We encourage groups to apply at least 2 months before the start of an activity or event.

To ensure this fund is accessible, applications can be made via the following ways: 

  • Online application form
  • Hardcopy application form - download form or contact Harriet to receive a copy.
  • In-person application - contact Harriet McKenzie, Community Activator at harriet.mckenzie@whanganui.govt.nz or call 027 214 3198 for more information and to arrange a time.

Assessment rounds

There are four assessment rounds per year:

  • 30 November
  • 28/29 February
  • 31 May
  • 31 August 

Decisions on any applications will be issued 2 weeks following the end of each assessment round.

All applicants will be notified in writing of the council’s decision.  


For more information and support with your application, contact Harriet McKenzie, Community Activator at harriet.mckenzie@whanganui.govt.nz or call her on 027 214 3198.

All newcomers to Whanganui feel welcome and have a sense of belonging, enabling them to thrive in and contribute to the Whanganui community.


  1. Inclusive Leadership
    Local government, tangata whenua and other community leader’s work together to create, advocate for and continue to foster a welcoming and inclusive community. They lead a shared plan to increase connections between newcomers and existing residents.
  2. Welcoming Communications
    People of all cultures and backgrounds feel included, listened to and well informed through a range of ways that take into account their different communication needs.
  3. Equitable Access
    Opportunities to access services and activities and to participate in the community are available to all, including newcomers.
  4. Connected and Inclusive Communities
    People feel safe in their identity and that they are connected with and belong in the community. There are high levels of trust and understanding between members of the receiving community and newcomers.
  5. Economic Development, Business and Employment
    Communities maximise and harness the economic development opportunities that newcomers can offer. Councils work with business associations to promote the contribution that newcomer business owners and skilled migrants make to the region’s economy.
  6. Civic Engagement and Participation
    Newcomers feel welcome to fully participate in the community. Newcomers are active in all forms of civic participation.
  7. Welcoming Public Spaces
    Newcomers and receiving communities feel welcome in and comfortable using public spaces.
  8. Culture and Identity
    There is a shared sense of pride in being part of a culturally rich and vibrant community. People feel their culture is respected and valued by other members of the community. There are opportunities to learn about each other’s cultures.

Who can apply

Groups, organisations and entities, whose projects, events or initiatives clearly benefit newcomers to Whanganui, can apply. Activities can involve multiple groups.

To be eligible for a grant applicants must:

  • live within the Whanganui District.
  • be applying for funding that will be used within one year. Activities with ongoing impacts beyond one year should be able to show impacts starting within the year.
  • be applying for funding for projects, activities or events will have positive impacts for newcomers to Whanganui.
  • have demonstrated alignment to at least one of the eight outcomes of the Whanganui Welcoming Plan.
  • not have received a Welcoming Activity grant within the last year.

What activities can be funded

Types of activities the funding can be used for include:

  • events
  • project / programme costs
  • resources, equipment, materials

Types of activities the funding cannot be used for include:

  • organisation / group operational or administrative costs
  • salaries or wages
  • activities that intend to generate profit
  • the promotion of commercial, political or religious objectives


Apply online

Apply via mail

Step 1.Download and complete an application form

Download an editable form(PDF, 235KB)

Step 2.Return your completed form to us

Email your completed form to Harriet.McKenzie@whanganui.govt.nz or return to Whanganui District Council, 101 Guyton Street.


In-person application

Contact Harriet McKenzie, Community Activator at harriet.mckenzie@whanganui.govt.nz or call her on 027 214 3198 for more information and to arrange a time.