Community initiatives

Whanganui District Council is committed to working in partnership with our community to progress initiatives that address an identified issue or opportunity within our district. These may be improvements to council-owned or administered public spaces and facilities or other community-led initiatives that require council permission, capability, resources or funding.

As part of our 2024-34 Long-Term Plan process, we invite community members and groups to submit proposals on ways the community and the council, working together, can improve our city and district within the next ten years.

Community members and groups are often best-placed to know their needs and opportunities and to take a lead role in projects. We have many examples of communities successfully leading the way in our district. Initiatives most likely to gain support are expected to come from groups with the expertise and passion for an idea or an issue which they can take a lead role in.  

This process provides a way for communities to introduce their ideas to the council, help communities navigate local government ways of working and deliver positive outcomes for Whanganui through effective partnership. Working in this way helps attract multiple sources of funding, effort and expertise for delivering community projects faster and more effectively.

It will also assist the council to prioritise projects across the next 10 years, addressing the greatest needs within the funding available. Projects will follow a transparent process and receive due consideration, but there can be no guarantee of inclusion in the Long-Term Plan.   

How to start

The first step is to tell us more about the initiative you are proposing by completing the project summary online form.

Complete the online form here

The community initiative proposal asks for information about what you are trying to achieve, who should be involved in the project and potential funding sources. Initiatives could be well progressed or simply an expression of interest at an early stage of the project, with ideas needing further development.

All proposals will be supported by council staff who will be in touch with you to request further information if required - and recommend next steps in progressing the initiative through the process.

All initiatives will be submitted to the council’s Aspirations and Projects Committee for consideration. There may be opportunity for groups to present directly to the committee as well.

Timeframes / key dates

Proposals can be submitted anytime during the year, however, to ensure your initiative is considered at the outset of the 2024-2034 Long-Term Plan you will need to complete a project summary by 31 August 2023. Project summaries received after this date will still be considered, however depending on when we receive them may mean they are considered through the following year’s annual plan process.


We encourage you to make contact with Stuart White prior to starting a project summary. Stuart is an independent contractor who has been engaged by the council to support community groups with this process.