Information for Property Developers

The Land Development and Subdivision Engineering Document 2016 is published by Whanganui District Council.

It sets design standards and conditions for land development and subdivision engineering within the Whanganui District, ensuring that these activities are carried out in accordance with national and regional design and construction standards. This document is supplementary to the New Zealand standard for land development and subdivision infrastructure (NZS4404:2010).  The Whanganui District Council Land Development and Subdivision Engineering document 2016 needs to be read alongside NZS4404:2010 as it is a supplementary document.  NZS4404:2010 can be purchased from Standards NZ . NZS4404:2010 cannot be purchased or made available at the Council.

All application designs are reviewed in accordance with Whanganui's District Plan, Resource Management Act and this document. The Council’s Land Development Engineer is available at the Council’s Infrastructure Office, 179 St Hill Street, Whanganui, or by calling 06 349 0001 from 8.00am to 5.00pm weekdays.