Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund

Please complete this application form to apply for Whanganui District Council’s Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund. 

The fund provides financial assistance towards projects that improve Whanganui District Council-owned or partially-owned sport and recreation facilities within our district, in accordance with the principles outlined in the Sport and Recreation Facilities Strategy.

All applicants must contact Sport Whanganui prior to developing a proposal. Failure to do so will result in your application not being assessed.

Download a printable and editable application form(PDF, 720KB)

Funding criteria

This is a seed fund; therefore, applicants will need to have a funding partner(s) and include proof of other sources of funding with their application. Whanganui District Council funds can represent up to 30-40% of the total project cost.

The funding will also need to deliver against the outcomes of the Whanganui District Council Sport and Recreation Facilities Strategy. Before submitting an application, please ensure your request aligns with at least one of the principles outlined below:

  • Sport and recreational activities should be accessible to and inclusive of all.
  • High quality facilities, available at hours that enable community use, are more likely to encourage our residents to participate in sport or recreation (including those who do not currently do so).
  • High quality, co-located, and multi-purpose facilities offer a more attractive proposition to the organisers of regional events, and increase the likelihood of Whanganui becoming the destination for more such events.
  • Increased participation in physical activities will lead to improved health, community and economic outcomes.
  • Ensuring maximum utilisation of existing facilities offers the best value for money.

Please note:
As of 30th September 2022 the Sport and Recreation Facilities Strategy has been rescinded as per the planned review process for this strategy. The strategy will be integrated within the upcoming Open Spaces and Physical Activity Strategy, and the fund updated correspondingly.  

Key Dates

There are two funding rounds per year. Applications close on:

  • 30 April (annually)
  • 30 September (annually)

Applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application within six weeks of the closing dates shown above, by 13 June and 8 November.

Aidan O'Connor
Sport Whanganui, 226 London Street
06 349 2886
022 098 2425