Building Warrant of Fitness

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is a document that is prepared by the building owner or the owner's agent and submitted annually to the local council - in this case, Whanganui District Council.

A BWOF is a declaration stating that the specified systems within the building have been inspected, maintained and reported in accordance with the Compliance Schedule for the previous 12 months and is issued along with a Code Compliance Certificate.

Specified systems examples include fire suppression systems, automatic doors, ventilation or air conditioning, lifts and escalators.

These specified systems help ensure a building is safe and healthy for members of the public to enter, occupy or work in.

Where to get information

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website has a vast array of information relating to all aspects of the building industry, including Building Warrants of Fitness. It also has news and information about the Building Act and Building Code and information about the Ministry's building control services and activities.

Unsure how a Building Warrant of Fitness works?

The Council has produced an information pack(PDF, 800KB) for building owners or agents. You may also like to find out more about safety in public buildings(PDF, 833KB) and your obligations as a building owner.


Looking for the right IQP? Check out our current register(PDF, 350KB).



Specified system forms for building compliance

SS 1 – Automatic Systems for Fire Suppression (e.g. Sprinkler System)(PDF, 222KB)
SS 2 – Automatic/Manual Emergency Warning Systems (Alarms)(PDF, 270KB)
SS 3/1 – Automatic Doors(PDF, 270KB)
SS 3/2 – Access Controlled Doors(PDF, 288KB)
SS 3/3 – Interfaced Fire or Smoke Doors or Windows(PDF, 227KB)
SS 4 – Emergency Lighting Systems(PDF, 254KB)
SS 5 – Escape Route Pressurisation(PDF, 171KB)
SS 6 – Riser Mains(PDF, 193KB)
SS 7 – Automatic Backflow Prevention Devices(PDF, 186KB)
SS 8/1 – Passenger Carrying Lifts(PDF, 200KB)
SS 8/2 – Service Lifts(PDF, 208KB)
SS 8/3 – Escalators and Moving Walks (Travelators)(PDF, 202KB)
SS 9 – Mechanical Ventilation or Air Conditioning Systems(PDF, 210KB)
SS 10 – Building Maintenance Units(PDF, 217KB)
SS 11 – Laboratory Fume Cupboards(PDF, 231KB)
SS 12/1 – Audio Loops(PDF, 187KB)
SS 12/2 – FM Radio Frequency Systems and Infrared Beam Transmission Systems(PDF, 237KB)
SS 13/2 – Natural Smoke Control Systems(PDF, 311KB)
SS 13/3 – Smoke Curtains(PDF, 188KB)
SS14/2 Signs for Specified Systems 1-13(PDF, 247KB)
SS 15/1 – Systems for Communicating Spoken Information to Facilitate Evacuation(PDF, 179KB)
SS 15/2 – Final Exits(PDF, 186KB)
SS 15/3 – Fire Separations(PDF, 227KB)
SS15/4 Signs for communicating information intended to facilitate evacuation(PDF, 210KB)
SS 15/5 – Smoke Separations(PDF, 244KB)
SS 16 – Cable Cars(PDF, 183KB)

BWoF renewals, change of details, invoices and general inquiries

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