Transfer liability of vehicle infringement

Vehicle owners are liable for infringement notices for unpaid, overtime and/or illegal parking offences in council-controlled parking spaces. (Breach notices in privately-owned car parks are not issued by Whanganui District Council.) 

However, if the owner was not the driver or person responsible for the vehicle at the time of the parking offence, the owner may transfer liability for the offence to the person who was.

To transfer liability of a stationary vehicle offence, please download and complete this form: Stationary-vehicle-offence-statutory-declaration-form.pdf(PDF, 168KB)

Please also remember to include the infringement number from your parking ticket in the provided space on the form.


This declaration must be signed before a person authorised to take a statutory declaration such as a lawyer, Justice of the Peace, notary public, court registrar or deputy registrar, or a Member of Parliament.

Once you’ve completed the declaration form, you will need to fill out a waiver request either online or in person at council customer services, 101 Guyton Street.