Apply for a Code Compliance Certificate

A Code Compliance Certificate is issued when a job is finished and the Council is satisfied building and plumbing work complies with the Building Code and the building consent.

Apply online

Before you start

You will need to create a RealMe account to access the Council’s online application form. This will allow you to log in to Online Services website where you can complete the application form.

Apply online

Visit Online Services

If you do need assistance, visit Council Customer Services at 101 Guyton Street where a dedicated staff member can take you through the online application process.

What next?

Applications for Code Compliance Certificates must be processed within 20 working days. Requests for further information will stop the statutory clock and it is not restarted until all the required information is supplied.

All data is securely held in Council files, as well as electronically, and is made available for public viewing where allowable under the Privacy Act.

Apply in person or by email

You can either apply in person by visiting Council Customer Services at 101 Guyton Street, Monday to Friday, 8.00am–5.00pm, or you can apply by email by downloading the Code Compliance Certificate application form from the building guides and information page and return the form by email or post to  PO Box 637, Whanganui 4541. 

What is RealMe?

RealMe is a digital ID service created by the Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Post which allows people to prove who they are online when using New Zealand websites and services. 

Is RealMe safe and secure?

RealMe does not store information, but acts as a conduit to help people share their information with participating organisations who need it. Users of RealMe can always see and approve the information they share. 

What do I do when I receive an alert from RealMe?

If your certificate is declined at the initial stage then you should have received a PDF which will explain what you are missing and what you need to resubmit.

If your certificate has been accepted and you receive an email alert, then log in to RealMe and go into 'My account'→'Submitted Applications', click on the relevant file and then click on the 'File' tab and you will see what file has been uploaded on that day. Please call us on 06 349 0001 if you have trouble finding anything. 

Find out more about privacy and security when using RealMe