Three Waters Stimulus Project

  • Project typeThree Waters
  • Project value$6.33 million
  • Project schedule31 October 2020 to 31 March 2022
  • Completion Date31 March 2022

On 8 July 2020, a $761 million Three Waters stimulus and reform funding for councils was announced by Prime Minister Hon Jacinda Ardern to provide investment in critical water infrastructure and services and to help to stimulate economic activity and jobs in all regions of New Zealand.

More than $6 million has been allocated for Whanganui District Council for Three Waters related projects (stormwater, wastewater and water).

Water projects

Accelerated water main renewals

Sedgebrook water supply upgrade
Parkes Avenue water supply upgrade
Lincoln Road water supply upgrade
Ngatarua Road water supply upgrade

  • Replacement of 710 meters of 125mm spiral riveted water main with PVC. The spiral riveted pipe is failing and requires significant ongoing repairs and replacing these assets will reduce risk of ongoing failure in addition to reducing leakage.This includes 107 meters on Sedgebrook Street in Whanganui East, 270 metres on Parkes Avenue on St John's Hill and 330 metres on Lincoln Road in Springvale.

  • Replacement of 164 metres of small diameter galvanised pipe with a new 125mm PE pipe on Ngatarua Road to provide an adequate level of service, meet firefighting requirements and actual and anticipated growth.

These accelerated water mains replace existing failing assets. This will reduce the risk of ongoing failures and leakage within the network. In addition they improve the level of service and the ability for the network to meet firefighting requirements.

These works have been completed.

Mosston Road water supply upgrade – stage 2

Construction of 1325 metres of new 225mm PE pipe along Mosston Road. This new water main will provide a critical link between zones increasing resilience within the water supply. This will also improve Whanganui District Council’s ability to meet actual and anticipated growth.

These works have been completed.

Airport water upgrade

800m of new 250mm PE pipe connecting the 250mm water main in Taupo Quay across the Cobham Bridge to the 150mm water main along Wikitoria Road.

This will ensure adequate supply and improved resilience in the Airport Water Zone and specifically critical assets including the Whanganui wastewater treatment plant and the airport. The connection across Cobham Bridge will also increase resilience to the southern extent of the Whanganui East zone.

These works have been completed.

Fordell water supply scheme

Fordell is a rural area and the Fordell water supply scheme is a restricted supply, with water supplied to a 350 people and an area of approximately 3,900 hectares.

The scheme is close to the Whanganui urban supply and connecting this supply to the Whanganui supply – a distance of about 3.7km – would improve the level of service and resilience for Fordell.

These works have been completed.

Peakes Road to Aiken Road water main

This project has extended the remaining useful life of a ring-main water supply line to the Peakes Road area, providing an additional degree of redundancy and resilience against outages as a result of earthquakes or other environmental disruptions. 

A new pipe has been inserted inside the existing infrastructure to minimise excavation, reinstatement and disruption.

These works have been completed.

Wastewater projects

Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) scum baffles

The scum baffles have improved the effluent quality out of the clarifiers and reduce the wear and tear on the equipment downstream, increasing the design life and improving the effluent quality discharged to the environment. 

These works have been completed.

Westway pipe bridge

Recent inspections have indicated that the wastewater pipe (300mm Spiral Riveted) and the bridge that holds it between Durie Hill and Putiki has reached the end of its useful life. This bridge spans 64 metres with a maximum height of 8 metres – it is a critical asset and the consequence of failure is significant.

These works have been completed.

Wastewater ocean outfall improvements

This project includes repairs to historic third party damage to the sub-marine outfall structure, and making improvements to maintain certainty of ongoing compliance with the council’s discharge consent. 

It also includes improvements to protect this critical asset.

These works have been completed.

Wastewater relining renewals

Relining is being used to extend the remaining useful life of a number of wastewater pipes, by a minimum of 50 years. Relining is a trenchless technology minimising disruption and reinstatement.

These works have been completed.

Stormwater projects

Raupo Street area stormwater upgrade

The installation of new stormwater pipes will achieve public separation of wastewater and stormwater in this area.

This project will reduce wet weather flows in our wastewater system, it will also reduce the risk of flooding and is key to meeting climate change and environmental objectives. The new pipes will accommodate current and anticipated growth.

These works have been completed.

Other stormwater improvements 

The inspection and refurbishment of the check valves on river discharges will reduce the risk of river-related flooding at a relatively low cost.

These works have been completed.