Westmere Walkway

Westmere Walkway, which has recently been gazetted, traverses rolling countryside and provides magnificent views over the city and the river.

Located to the north of Whanganui, the track is steep in sections and requires a moderate level of fitness. This walkway crosses private land and visitors are asked to stick to the marked route, respect all signposted conditions of access and follow the New Zealand Outdoor Access Code.

Because it is situated on farmland, you can expect to encounter cattle, uneven ground, stiles, mud, manure and unfenced water (such as streams, ponds and troughs). Note that you will need to bring your own drinking water. No toilets are available on the walkway – the nearest public toilets are situated at the Aramoho Shopping Centre, on the corner of Somme Parade and Kaikakapo Road.

Follow the white track markers. There are options for walks of different lengths:

  • Kelvin Street to Restawhile Lookout: 1.2 kilometres (20 minutes).
  • Kelvin Street to Restawhile Lookout to the turn-off to Matipo Park: 3.6 kilometres (1 hour).
  • Kelvin Street via lower route, to turn-off to Matipo Park: 1.8 kilometres (30 minutes).
  • Kelvin Street to Restawhile Lookout to Matipo Park turn-off return via lower route to Kelvin Street – known as Reid’s Loop: 4.6 kilometres (1 hour, 30 minutes).

See the map in the Kelvin Street car park for more information.


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