Development Contributions

As part of the Long-Term Plan 2024-2034 consultation, the council is also seeking feedback on some proposed changes to the Development Contributions Policy. Submissions close at 5.00pm on Thursday, 2 May 2024. More information on the consultation is available here

Development contributions are fees payable to the Council to fund the infrastructure required for growth, such as new roads, pathways, pipes, and parks.

A development contribution may be required by the Council when a subdivision, resource consent, building consent or service connection is granted in the Springvale Urban Expansion (Page 35(PDF, 2MB)) or Otamatea West areas (Page 36(PDF, 2MB)) in the Development Contributions Policy 2021(PDF, 2MB).

The Council will assess contributions using the four steps listed in Table 2.

Development contributions can only be required where a development as defined by Section 197 of the LGA 2002 is to occur, which is:

Any subdivision, building, land use or work that generates a demand for reserves, or network and community infrastructure.

Contributions are calculated on the basis of the number of dwellings proposed, as each new dwelling will place a demand on Council assets. For residential subdivision the rate is based on one dwelling per lot, which means you pay a development contribution for each dwelling in the subdivision.  Subdivisions that do not propose any dwellings are still subject to pay a development contribution (each lot will equate to one dwelling for the purposes of calculating the contribution).   

Existing lawfully established allotments or land uses, including dwellings, are not subject to development contributions.  

Generally garages, outbuildings and annexes on residential land would not require a development contributions payment. However, there is always the possibility of an exception to this in unusual circumstances and an assessment would be required by the Council.  

The development contribution must be paid at the following stage of development:

  • Subdivision consent: Prior to the issue of section 224(c) certificate.
  • Land use consent: Prior to the commencement of the works associated with the consent.