Waste Minimisation Fund

Whanganui District Council has a Waste Minimisation Fund which uses allocated waste levy money for waste minimisation in our district.

The allocated waste levy is part of the Waste Minimisation Act 2010 to assist communities and businesses to gain income to help address waste issues. The Act has mandated that a levy be put on waste disposed at all landfills nationally. Fifty percent of the levy is allocated to councils on a pro rata basis.

The fund provides financial assistance, by way of grant, seeding finance or loan, to applicants for waste minimisation initiatives that further Whanganui's waste minimisation goal. The fund has been set up to boost Whanganui's performance in waste minimisation by increasing resource reuse, recovery, recycling and decrease waste to landfill.

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For further information please contact Stuart Hylton, phone 06 349 0001, or email stuart.hylton@whanganui.govt.nz