Election 2016 Results

​Final results for the 2016 elections for Mayor, Whanganui District Council, Wanganui Rural Community Board and Whanganui District Health Board are available below.​

Declared results for the​
Whanganui District Council


​MCDOUALL, Hamish        6745
​TAYLOR, Alan3845
CRAIG, Helen     ​2218
JARDEN, Andy    ​1832
OSBORNE, William            ​1071
​STEVENS, Ray ​793
​DAHYA, Randhir                ​709

Whanganui Di​​​strict Councillors

​ REID, Hadleigh
​CLEVELAN​​D, Murray​8754
​​BE​​NNETT, David
​ANDERSON, Charlie  ​84334
​CRAIG, Helen​83385
​JOBLIN, Kate​82886
VINSEN, Rob​79657
​TAYLOR, Alan​79648
​DUNCAN, Jenny  ​687510
​BAKER-HOGAN, Philippa​675711
​YOUNG, Graeme​626312
​STEVENS, Ray ​5485
​SMITH, Rory  ​5299
​BARON, Steve​5184
​MATTHEWS, David  ​4796
​DOUGHTY, Brian  ​4701
​WILLS, Rangi M​4416
​HILL, Dave   ​4354
​FIRMIN, Kiritahi     ​3972
​HARDY, Doreen ​3856
​DALTON, Kyle​3541
​FALLEN, Ross    3459
​BROUGHAM, Ian        ​3005
​HOOD, Stan  ​2942
​SHEEHY, Jill    ​2558
​ABBOTT, Alan        ​2428
​MUDGWAY, Tony (Mudgie)       ​2339
​BULLOCK, Jack     ​2153
​REWETI, Phillip T (Bear)       ​1993
​JOHNSTON, Bevan​1731
​FALCONER, Craig (Frog)   ​1380
​URRY, Matthew   ​1171
​INFORMAL     ​90
​BLANK   ​88

Wanganui Rural Community Board:
Whanganui sub-division (2 vacancies)

​MATTHEWS, David ​2991
​WELLS, David J      ​2422
​HACKETT, Peter ​143

Declared​ results for the Whanganui District Health Board

​MAIN, Annette​Elected​4235
​ANDERSON, Charlie​Elected​3009
​BAKER-HO​GAN, Philippa​Elected​2906
​MACDONALD, Judith​Elected​2545.78
​​DUNCAN, Jenny​Elected​2509.08
​ADAMS, Graham​Elected​2497.09
​HYLTON, Stuart Graeme​Elected​2372.75
​STEVENS, Ray​Excluded​2244.89
​FIRMIN, Kiritahi​Excluded​1596.79
​VINSEN, Rob​Excluded​1229.34
​TEKI-REU, Christie​Excluded1054.50
​OSBORNE, Susan​Excluded​863.19
​STANBROOK-MASON, Wendy​Excluded​768.80
​WILLS, Rangi M​Excluded​640.11
​ELLWOOD, Ngaire​Excluded404.25​

​​​​Download the STV iterration report​ for the Whanganui DHB election results.

Voter turnout for 2016 election

Votes received:​Percentage of total registered voters:



These graphs show the number of voting papers returned so far. 
We will be updating these daily​.​

Electi​​on at Large​​

​Rural Community Board - Whanganui subdivision​​​​​


Rural Community B​oard - Kai Iwi subdivision​


Rural Community Board - Kaitoke subdivision​​​


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