Exercising Your Dog

Dogs must be on a leash at all times in public places, except in designated off-leash areas. Below is a list of these areas.

Unleashed dogs

Unleashed dogs are permitted (although under continuous control) at the following locations:


  • Riverbank reserve – Railway Bridge to Aramoho School (walkway along riverbank)
  • Riverbank reserve – Aramoho School to Kells Avenue (road reserve)
  • Seddon Street grass reserve verge – Kaikokopu Road to Barrack Street
  • Somme Parade riverbank – road opposite cemetery

Whanganui East

  • Burton Avenue road reserve islands
  • Eastown Road grass reserve – next to railway line
  • Riverbank reserve – from Jet Tours building to the Railway Bridge
  • Riverbank reserve – from the fitness trail to Ikitara Road extension
  • Wembley Park – grounds 5 to 8, except when being used for sporting events

Central City Area

  • Davis Library – grass reserve next to the library
  • Somme Parade riverbank reserve – from the Dublin Street Bridge to the PS Waimarie jetty
  • Wilson Street to Bedford Avenue shared pathway – Shared pathway adjacent to the corner of the Taupō Quay and Wilson Street intersection to the northern end of the Bedford Avenue shared pathway 


  • Castlecliff Beach area – except in front of the Rangiora Street car park from 1 November to 1 April inclusive 
  • Bamber Street road reserve
  • Seafront Road grass reserve
  • Karoro Road/riverbank reserve – from AFFCO to Rivercity Meats, including Gilberd Street


  • Gonville Domain – off Moore Avenue
  • Tawa Street reserve
  • Handley Street reserve – Carlton Avenue

Springvale & St John's Hill

  • Springvale Park – area between the Splash Centre and the former St George's School building except when the sports areas are used for sporting events
  • Parsons Street road reserve – next to Bridge Club
  • Babbage Place reserve
  • Otamatea reserve – Great North Road
  • Victoria Park – except during sports events

Other areas

  • Mowhanau Beach – north of the bridge and stream
  • South Beach

Leashed dogs

Dogs are permitted on a leash at the following locations:

  • Aramoho Motor Camp Park
  • Hutton Park
  • Lorenzdale Park
  • Lundon Park
  • Peat Park
  • Pukenamu Queen’s Park
  • Riverbank road reserve – from PS Waimarie jetty to the river walkway area adjacent to the intersection at the corner of Wilson Street and Taupō Quay
  • All other public places not identified as above.

Prohibited areas

Dogs are prohibited at the following locations:

  • Central City Business District – (the central business district including Victoria Avenue, St Hill Street, Taupō Quay, Drews Avenue, Watt Street, Wicksteed Street and Ingestre Street)
  • Rotokawau Virginia Lake
  • Beach area – in front of Castlecliff Beach car park off Rangiora Street
  • Lake Wiritoa – beach and boat ramp area
  • Westmere Lake
  • Bason Botanic Gardens
  • Playing surfaces of sports grounds
  • Children's play areas within parks
  • Mowhanau Beach Domain – children's play area and beach area in front of domain
  • Williams Domain
  • Tawhero Golf Course
  • Spurdle Street Reserve
  • Matipo Park
  • Laird Park
  • Deer Park Reserve
  • Cooks Gardens
  • Kowhai Park – children’s play area