Town Centre Regeneration

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Council is committed to regenerating our town centre. 

In April 2017, the Council adopted the Making Whanganui Visible Regeneration Strategy (PDF, 31.2 MB).  

The Strategy sets out a vision for the town centre and identifies actions and initiatives to deliver this vision, set out in the strategy as an implementation plan (see Section 15). Maybe hyperlink?     

A Town Centre Steering Committee comprising local Councillors, community members, Mainstreet Whanganui, Whanganui & Partners, local iwi and Council officers is overseeing and delivering the implementation plan. 

Ellen Young, who is involved in Progress Castlecliff, has been contracted by the Council to charge ahead with a variety of projects for the Town Centre Regeneration, the first which is a ‘Little Park’, which was in installed in Victoria Avenue in April 2018.

More about the Little Park

The Little Park is a cute little wooden seating space situated in the fourth Block of Victoria Avenue which provides an attractive space for the public to spend time, eat and connect.

“Having a natural look with the herb garden surrounding it really lifts the aesthetics of this area and creates vibrancy. It will really come into its own in the summer months as the days are longer and warmer,” says Ellen Young.

Media release Little Park for Victoria Avenue

So what’s next?

Other projects in the works are a toilet in the fourth block of Victoria Avenue, a Little Peoples Park (natural playground area in the central city area), lighting of trees along the Avenue, lighting heritage buildings, an upgrade of the bus stop on Taupo Quay and an arts and heritage walkway.

How do I get in touch?

To find out more about the Town Centre Regeneration Strategy, get in touch with Ellen Young.

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