Unique new fence at tramshed

Published on 08 January 2021

Tramshed fence

Whanganui District Council’s Town Centre Regeneration Committee has added another interesting feature to the city’s riverfront and market area – this time it’s a unique fence around the tramshed storage area on Taupo Quay.

Town Centre Regeneration Project Manager, Ellen Young, says reclaimed Oregon timber from the historic Red Shed at the port was used to construct the fence.

“It’s been nice to have had the opportunity to give this historically significant timber a new lease on life where we can all appreciate it.”

The fence contains vintage glass insulators from power lines as decorative elements.

“The insulators are a beautiful colour and will look particularly attractive next to the river.

“They are a fitting inclusion at the tramshed site, given the tram is electrically powered, and they also reference Whanganui’s wonderfully thriving glass arts scene,” Ellen Young says.

Town Centre Regeneration Chair, Councillor Helen Craig, says the fence is another element that will make the area more welcoming for visitors. She says, “The fence provides a great backdrop for the new public toilets and the new glass bus shelter, which is used by national bus travellers.

“We have a wealth of beautiful historic buildings at the entrance to our city and we have been gradually adding artistic elements around the town centre to reflect Whanganui’s quirky and creative identity.

“I think all of these elements combine to make a stunning impression for people arriving in Whanganui and people can expect to see even more in the way of town centre regeneration this year, since we’ve secured central government funding to develop temporary, vibrant streetscapes in both lower Victoria Avenue and Drews Avenue.

“We’d like to thank the Tramways Trust for partnering with us on this one.”