Plan Change 54 – Industrial

For some years Whanganui District Council has been conducting a "rolling review" of its District Plan provisions. 

In 2019, the Council commenced a review and update of the existing District Plan provisions regulating industrial activities in the Manufacturing Zone. Any changes to the existing Plan provisions will be addressed in proposed Plan Change 54.

Hearing Documents

Further submissions

Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest and any person that has an interest in PC54 greater than the interest than the general public, may make a further submission on PC54 in the prescribed form, no later than 10 working days after the date of this public notice.  Further submissions may ONLY be made in support of or in opposition to a submission already received by Council. A summary of submissions, submissions received, the Further Submission form and the Public Notice are available below.

An additional submission (see below) was received from 4Sight Consulting on behalf of the Oil Companies, but was omitted from the original Summary of Submissions. 

Oil Companies Submission(PDF, 384KB)

Further Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 24th September 2021.


Plan Change 54 was publicly notified on 3 July 2021.  Submissions closed on 30 July 2021.

An Engagement Plan and Discussion Papers were prepared in October 2019 to focus and facilitate engagement:

A number of technical reports have been commissioned to inform the review. Those completed to date are:

Appendix A - Figures(PDF, 14MB)
Appendix B - Landscape Design Report(PDF, 5MB)
Appendix C - Geotechnical Assessment(PDF, 1MB)
Appendix D - Groundwater Desktop Report(PDF, 3MB)
Appendix E - Three Waters Design Summary(PDF, 87KB)
Appendix F - Stormwater Maps(PDF, 4MB)
Appendix G - Wastewater Maps(PDF, 8MB)
Appendix H - Water Maps(PDF, 12MB)
Appendix I - Cost Estimates(PDF, 652KB)
Appendix J - Consultation Report(PDF, 3MB)

It is anticipated that the Council will be asked to approve public notification and a call for submissions to Plan Change 54 in the first half of 2021.

Follow this page for progress updates on this work. If you have any queries, please contact Gavin McCullagh at or
call 06 349 3102.