Parking Charges & Infringements

Location Charge

Victoria Avenue

$1.00 per half hour (for a maximum of 90 mins)

Drews Avenue

$1.00 per hour (for a maximum of two hours)

Taupō Quay

$1.00 per hour (for a maximum of two hours)

Inner-city side streets

$1.00 per hour

Pay and display

50 cents per hour


$20.00 per week

*Please note that the Drews Avenue parking precinct is a pay-and-display area.

Parking infringements

Failure to buy parking in a pay-and-display area will incur a $40.00 infringement fee. Expired parking or exceeding the time limit in other areas will incur an infringement starting at $12.00. Depending on the length of stay this may be up to $57.00, calculated on a graduating scale.

Airport parking

Long-term parking at Whanganui Airport is controlled by a parking meter (pay by entering your registration plate number) located in the terminal building that accepts coins and credit cards. The cost is $10.00 per day (24 hours). There is a 50c fee for each card transaction. The airport car park is open from 6.30am until after the last incoming aircraft, and is secured and monitored at all other times. Traffic control and temporary signage is provided for special events such as marches, street parades and market days.