Related consultations

Whangnaui Citiscape

 We are continually reviewing our funding structure to ensure it is fair and works for our community. In addition to the key issues above, we also sought feedback on our Draft Revenue and Financing Policy, our Proposed Fees and Charges for 2021/22 and our Development Contributions Policy separately from this long-term plan.

Draft Revenue and Financing Policy

The Revenue and Financing Policy identifies the sources of funding the council has decided upon for its activities and why the council has determined that they should be used. A summary of the proposed changes to the policy are outlined in the Statement of Proposal.

Proposed Fees and Charges for 2021/22

Whanganui District Council is consulting on its proposed fees and charges, to be effective from 1 July 2021.

Development Contributions Policy

We are seeking feedback on changes to the Development Contributions Policy for Springvale Urban Expansion Area and North West Growth Area. The changes to the policy update the capital projects necessary to service growth within the designated areas and the consequential changes to development contributions payable under the policy.