Long-Term Plan 2021-2031

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Our long-term plan provides a road map for Whanganui over the next decade. It details where we aim to be by 2031, what we will need to do to get there, and how much it will cost.

Whanganui District Council has prepared a draft long-term plan for 2021-2031 that is summarised in our consultation document. Please take some time to read this document and give us your feedback.

Download the consultation document(PDF, 14MB)

Have your say

The easiest way to have your say is to make a formal submission online.

Make a submission online

You can also download a printable submission form(PDF, 381KB) and return your completed submission to Whanganui District Council customer services at 101 Guyton Street.

Key issues

We want your feedback on four important issues for Whanganui. We’ve considered options for each of them and we’re interested in your views on these. We’ve outlined the details of each option and highlighted our preferred options for each issue. The preferred options have been included in our financial forecasts.

Throughout March and April we will be out and about in the community to hear your thoughts on our draft Long-Term Plan 2021-31. The plan looks at some of the important issues in the district that need to be addressed over the next ten years and we need your feedback and ideas to help us make some key decisions.

We are also seeking your feedback on proposed changes to the following areas of our rating structure:

  • Definition of Separately Used or Inhabited Part (SUIP) of a rating unit
  • Stormwater rating changes
  • Fordell water supply rates
  • Marybank wastewater rates
  • Stormwater separation loans

A detailed explanation of these changed can be found in the consultation document(PDF, 14MB) .

Find out how the proposed long-term plan might effect your rates using our online property search tool below.

Note: Rates for 2021/2022 are indicative only at this stage and will be finalised in July 2021 after the Long-Term Plan 2021-2031 has been adopted by the council. Rates have been calculated based on valuations held at March 2021. If the property has had major development or subdivision resulting in a revaluation this will be incorporated in the final rates calculation at 1 July 2021.

As well as the issues we’re specifically seeking your feedback on, there are several other key initiatives underway that we continue to deliver on:

  • Waste management and minimisation
  • Community housing
  • Town Centre Regeneration
  • Revitalisation of the port
  • Sarjeant Gallery Redevlopment Project update

Full updates can be found in the consultation document(PDF, 14MB).