Climate Change Strategy

Submissions closed on February 14, 2021, 05:00 PM


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face, and we’d like to hear your ideas for how we can address it in our district.   


Living in harmony with the environment to ensure quality of life for all living things. 
Ko au te taiao, ko te taiao ko au.

We’ve produced a draft climate change strategy and now we’re seeking community feedback on it – your ideas will be carefully considered as we move on to developing our final climate change strategy.

Make sure your voice is heard for one of the most challenging issues of our time.

How the draft strategy was developed

Late last year the council started a discussion with the community on addressing climate change.

Since then, the council has taken the community's ideas into account and worked with local iwi and key stakeholders to produce a draft strategy that recognises both Māori and New Zealand European worldviews.

What the draft strategy covers

The draft strategy uses national data to outline the likely impacts of climate change in Whanganui and sets interim mitigation targets consistent with national and regional targets.

It looks at how the council can work collaboratively with partners to reduce our district's carbon footprint, making us more resilient in the face of climate change.

The strategy also looks at how the council can lead by example by reducing its own carbon footprint.

The four focus areas in the draft strategy are:

  • transport
  • building energy and urban form
  • agriculture
  • leadership and collaboration.

The draft strategy includes a draft plan of possible actions to address climate change - these are yet to be costed and refined.