Updates of Parking Controls

Submissions closed on March 24, 2021, 05:00 PM

parking sign

Whanganui District Council has updated its Parking Controls 2017.

The Parking Controls document contains the rules that actually govern parking within the district. It defines the offences that parking wardens can cite people for, and lays out maps of the timed parking areas, prohibited areas, bus stops, loading zones and other similar features within the main part of the city.

 This involves the following changes:

  • The offence of "inconsiderate parking" would give parking officers explicit authority to give tickets to people who park outside the lines of parking spaces. This has been drafted with reference to offences put in place by several other local authorities.
  • The bus stop at 236 Victoria Avenue has been moved 5 metres closer to the Glasgow Street intersection to move away from a tree that buses were hitting on their way past.
  • The bus stop at 321 Victoria Ave has been moved 8 metres north to allow the property owner to install a crossing as part of a redevelopment.
  • A loading zone has been added to Wilson Street to address the lack of loading zones in this area.
  • A bus stop has been added outside Mosston Road School, as well as “no parking” zones on either side, to increase safety and convenience for the school bus arriving and pulling away.

Several of these changes are marked in the parking updates document(PDF, 1MB).

If you have any objections to these changes, please let us know by 5.00pm on Wednesday, 24 March 2021.

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