Mobility card users

Mobility parking permit holders can use mobility parking spaces that are wider than standard parks and closer to venues. These spaces are marked with the disability symbol and painted yellow. 

Mobility card holders can park in marked mobility spaces, or in time-restricted or paid metered parking spaces. Please clearly display your mobility card on the dashboard of your vehicle at all times, and as close to the windscreen as possible (the card must be visible from the footpath). Please also check the expiry date of your card from time to time.

Please also note that payment is required on all metered spaces – a 30-minute free parking period will apply after the payment has been made (ie: pay for 30 minutes and you’ll receive one hour of parking).

Information thanks to CCS Disability Action website.

Payment is required on all metered mobility parking spaces. However, 30 minutes of free parking will be given on top of what is paid for (payment is required for this to apply).

For example:

Pay $1

30 minutes + 30 minutes free

1 hour

Pay 50c

15 minutes + 30 minutes free

45 minutes

This applies to all metered parking spaces, including designated mobility spaces. Whanganui District Council will accept all valid disability permits regardless of issuing authority/country.

If you choose to park in a time-limit zone (no payment required but restricted time) you are also entitled to an extra 30 minutes free.

For example:

P180 3 hours + 30
minutes free
3 hours, 30 minutes


2 hours + 30 minutes free

2 hours, 30 minutes


1 hour 30 + 30 minutes free

2 hours


1 hour + 30 minutes free

1 hour 30 minutes


30 minutes + 30 minutes free

1 hour


15 minutes + 30 minutes free

45 minutes

If you have any further enquiries please call Whanganui District Council on 06 349 0001

You can apply for a mobility parking permit from Sommerville Disability Support Services, at 45 Campbell Street, Whanganui. You can call into the office or visit their website for more information.

It’s also advisable that when travelling outside of Whanganui to check the council bylaws of the area you’re visiting regarding mobility cards.

For more general information or to apply for a permit, you can also visit the CCS Disability website.