More than $6 million for Whanganui infrastructure projects

Published on June 18, 2021

Infrastructure work - June 2021

Whanganui’s stormwater, wastewater and water infrastructure is benefiting from more than $6 million of funding allocated by central government for Three Waters projects. 

The nationwide $761 million Three Waters stimulus and reform funding for councils was announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in July last year. 

The funding is designed to provide investment in critical water infrastructure and services and to help to stimulate economic activity and jobs throughout the country. 

With Department of Internal Affairs approval, Whanganui District Council has assigned the $6.33 million for Three Waters-related projects (stormwater, wastewater, and water) to seven water projects, two wastewater projects and some stormwater projects. 

By the end of May this year, four water supply upgrade projects had been completed with a total of 1,153 metres of new water main installed in Sedgebrook Street, Parkes Avenue, Lincoln Road and Ngatarua Road areas. 

Council general manager infrastructure, Mark Hughes, says the new water main will reduce the risk of any future failures and leaks within the network, improve the levels of service and the network’s ability to meet firefighting requirements. 

“One water project is under construction now from Mosston Road to Springvale Road and is part of the resilience being built into the water network for growth on Mosston Road. 

“It will also provide new connections to some existing properties and for future development in the Buxton Road, Tayforth Road and Montgomery Road areas,” says Mark Hughes. 

The other two water projects will begin about August this year in Fordell and Cobham Bridge areas, providing services to existing properties and for future development. 

One of the wastewater projects – the installation of new scum baffles at the Wastewater Treatment Plant – will also begin in August. 

The new scum baffles (that act like stop plates to reduce floating solids in the effluent) will improve effluent quality and reduce the wear and tear on other equipment, increasing their design life and improving the effluent quality discharged to the environment. 

“For the rest of the Three Waters Projects, the council is busy on the design and scoping process. Final allocation of the remaining funds for some of these projects is being confirmed,” says Mark Hughes. 

Visit the project page for more information about the Whanganui Three Waters Stimulus Project, including quarterly updates.