Streets for People

Ongoing consultation

Map showing changes to Guyton Street

As part of our Streets for People project, we’ve recently made some changes to the road layout on Guyton Street – and we’re keen to hear your thoughts on them.

The changes include a new roundabout at the intersection with Wicksteed Street, raised pedestrian platforms, remarked carpark spaces, and loading zones redesignated to be parking spaces at certain times of the day.

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In September 2022, the council secured $1.27M of central government funding through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency's 'Streets for People' programme for two town centre projects - streetscape improvements on central Guyton Street and a new public transport hub on lower St Hill Street.

The funding has enabled council to work in partnership with the community to co-design streetscape improvements that will:

  • improve public transport connections
  • enhance safety and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists
  • make our streets more inviting, people-friendly spaces.

The road safety improvements on Guyton Street are just the first phase of changes introduced as part of this project. We’ll be sharing information about further changes – including new urban design features – to enhance both Guyton Street and St Hill Street early in 2024.

The infrastructure used for these projects will all be semi-permanent so that elements can changed or removed if we hear feedback that things aren’t quite working. Depending on community feedback over the course of the trial, some of the elements could eventually become permanent.

Funding from Waka Kotahi will cover 90 percent of the project costs, with the council covering the remaining 10 percent (largely from our business-as-usual road maintenance budget).

You can read more about Whanganui's Streets for People projects here.