Coastal action plan: community conversation

Submissions closed on July 30, 2022, 05:00 PM

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We have held community conversations on a coastal action plan for Whanganui’s dynamic and changing coast!

In a survey, we asked how you interact with the coast and what you’d like to see protected and enhanced in the future. 

The survey has now closed and we are happy to report we received 505 responses. Thanks to those who put their time into giving us feedback. We are currently analysing the results and will be reporting back to the community shortly.

Your input will feed into a draft coastal action plan for Whanganui, which we’re developing this year with Iwi and community groups. The action plan will set out how we manage coastal processes (which are affected by climate change) like erosion, sand movement and ecological degradation.

Community drop-in sessions

Community drop-in sessions were held in Castlecliff and Kai Iwi in June 2022. Coastal scientist, Jim Dahm, gave a short talk about natural processes shaping Castlecliff and Kai Iwi beaches and how climate change is affecting these, and outlined some management possibilities for the future. He also heard from the community on their interaction with the coast and vision for our beaches in the future. 

Where to next?

Now that we’ve heard community feedback, we’ll work with Iwi and community groups to develop a draft coastal action plan.  The draft plan will go out for consultation later this year.

The ten-year final plan will provide a pathway for the community to work together to increase the wellbeing and resilience of the people and environment at our coast. It will be a ‘living document’, regularly reviewed and updated to reflect any changes in scientific data, community aspirations and access to funding.

Delivery of the plan will be with the community and we imagine many actions will be delivered by community groups over the next ten years - this will be a plan by and for the community.