Youth Council

Youth Council 2021

The purpose of Whanganui District Council’s Youth Council is to empower young people (ages 12-24) to be the best they can be by providing resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

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2022 Youth Councillors

(14 seats - five vacancies currently)

  • Holly Davies – Youth Council co-chair
  • Benjamin Ross
  • Jack Walker
  • Jaden Allen
  • Lola Fisher
  • MC (Marie-Claire) Mahoney
  • Olivia Archer
  • Reina Jones
  • Ezekiel Moran

Volunteer crew:

  • Aarna Marwah
  • Joyce Karan
  • Kereama Allen
  • Jessica McGuinn
  • Makenna Sidenburg
  • Michaelah Thomas
  • Nathan Randle
  • Regan Johnson
  • Summer Owen
  • Jeide Tyrell
  • Daniel Lamont

Youth Council’s vision
To ensure that Whanganui is a vibrant, inclusive, empowering community, where young people love to be.

About the Youth Council

The role of the Youth Council is to:

  • represent the community’s young people
  • promote opportunities for youth participation
  • develop and monitor policy on youth issues
  • provide opportunities for youth to contribute to the decision-making of Whanganui District Council
  • advise the Council on matters of interest for youth in the Whanganui District.

 How does the Youth Council work?

  • The Youth Council meets regularly (both formal meetings in the Council Chamber and also informal meetings) to discuss, raise awareness and find solutions for issues that are important for young people.

  • The Youth Council has a Council approved budget and business plan which enable the Youth Council to engage with local rangatahi through events, outreach, promotions, and projects.

  • An annual recruitment drive is conducted for new members. New members are selected through an application and interview process.

  • All Youth Councillors over the age of 16 are required to undertake a police check prior to appointment.

  • There are 14 seats on the Youth Council for local rangatahi. An additional four seats have been allocated to the Youth Council for Tangata Whenua.

  • At the start of each Council term, the Mayor appoints a Whanganui District Councillor to represent the Council on the Youth Council. At this time we await news on who our new appointed Whanganui District Councillor, who will act as Council liaison, mentor, and youth advocate, will be!

  • The term of membership is two years with the ability to reapply at the end of this term. This will be subject to approval by the Mayor.

  • The Co-Chairs provide a report direct to the Council, ensuring that the views of young people are heard by the Mayor and the District Councillors.

The Whanganui District Council Youth Council was originally established in 2006. In October 2021, Whanganui District Council moved to adopt a new model for youth participation in council. This change was approved, and the Youth Committee was disestablished and established as the new, and more flexible, Youth Council.

Upcoming Meetings

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