Rural rubbish collection and drop-off

The rural rubbish collection service is a combination of kerbside collections and pick-ups from rubbish bag collection points and site bins where rubbish can be dropped off.

Changes to rural rubbish bag stickers

stickers used for the collection of rural rubbish bags in the Whanganui District are available from the Midtown Transfer Station ONLY at 14 Liffiton Street, Whanganui. Payment is by Eftpos or credit card ONLY – no cash sales or other retail sales.

These stickers will remain valid until 29 July 2021. Existing collection days will continue on current rural rubbish bag collection routes and at rural rubbish bag drop-off points.

A maximum of 60 STICKERS may be purchased at any one time. Proof of rural occupancy – a recent utility bill within two months and photo ID matching the name on the bill – is required as evidence of eligibility. Rubbish bags displaying rural stickers WILL NOT be accepted at the Midtown Transfer Station or collected in the urban area.

For more information, please call Waste Management on 0800 10 10 10.

Alternative service provider

LOW COST BINS will offer both a rural rubbish bag and wheelie bin collection service. 

Visit Low Cost Bins for more information on where to buy rubbish bag stickers or to order a wheelie bin.

Rural kerbside rubbish collections

The rural rubbish collection service is a combination of:

  • kerbside pick-ups
  • pick-ups from refuse bag collection points and
  • rural refuse sites where rubbish can be dropped-off.

Check out our map of rural collection points(PDF, 2MB).

Kerbside pick-ups

Rural rubbish kerbside pick-ups require Waste Management's stickers (attached to a garbage bag that complies with the information on the sticker).

Pick-ups from refuse bag collection points

For pick-ups at refuse bag collection points, all refuse must be bagged up, have a Waste Management sticker attached and be compliant with the conditions outlined on the sticker. 

Refuse bags and bins must be placed on the kerbside, or where applicable at the bag collection point, no later than 7.00am on the day of collection to ensure they will be picked up.

Rural refuse sites

Waste Management collects waste from 13 pickup points within the district.

Sites are a mix of weekly and fortnightly pick-ups.  These sites are for the deposit of normal household/domestic waste by locals: no animal, toxic or commercial waste is allowed.

Sites of bins and service frequency:

  1. Whanganui River Road
    • Parakino - Fortnightly
    • Atene - Fortnightly
    • Koroniti - Fortnightly
    • Matahiwi - Fortnightly
    • Ranana - Fortnightly
    • Jeruselum - Fortnightly
    • Pipiriki - Fortnightly
  2. Parihauhau - Weekly
  3. Tehue - Weekly
  4. Mangamahu - Fortnightly
  5. Ngaturi - Weekly
  6. Kauarapaoa - Weekly
  7. Kaiwhaiki - Monthly

Domestic rubbish bags (without a Waste Management sticker) can also be dropped off at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre, 79-83 Maria Place Extension. Charges apply ($4.00 each for a regular rubbish bag and $6.00 each for a large rubbish bag).  

For more information on rural rubbish collection, please email Graeme Paulger at