Parking charges and infringements

Location Charge
Victoria Avenue

$1.00 per 30 minutes (for a maximum of 90 mins)

Drews Avenue

$1.00 per hour (for a maximum of two hours)

Guyton Street

$1.00 per hour (for a maximum of two hours)

Maria Place

$1.00 per hour (for a maximum of two hours)

Ridgway Street

$1.00 per hour (for a maximum of two hours)

Taupo Quay – card payment only

$1.00 per hour (for a maximum of two hours)

St Hill Street

$1.00 per hour (no parking duration time limit)

Watt Street

$1.00 per hour (no parking duration time limit)

Inner-city side streets

$1.00 per hour

Off-street public car parks:

  • Moutoa – Moutoa Quay
  • Phoenix – Drews Avenue
  • Wharenui – Ingestre Street
  • Winstone – St Hill Street

50 cents per hour at these car parks (no parking duration time limit)



$20.00 per week

Parking infringement fees

Parking infringement fees – also referred to as parking fines – are set by central government legislation. Whanganui District Council cannot alter the cost of infringement fees.

Failure to buy parking in a pay-by-plate area will incur a $40.00 infringement fee. Expired parking or exceeding the time limit in other areas will incur an infringement starting at $12.00. Depending on the length of stay this may be up to $57.00, calculated on a graduating scale.  

Payment of an infringement fee is required within 28 days. If the fee is not paid by the due date, it’s referred to the Ministry of Justice and then Whanganui District Court, where it becomes a fine.

If this happens you will be sent a Notice of Fine, a court cost will be added to the original amount, and you then have 28 days to pay the new fine amount to the court (not the council) from the date when the Notice of Fine was issued. 

Privately-owned car parking facilities

Breach notices in privately-owned car parks are not issued by Whanganui District Council. In Whanganui, privately-owned car parking facilities include parks at Trafalgar Square, The Mad Butcher / Pizza Hut, Pak’nSave, Countdown and New World, among others.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Consumer Protection website has information on private parking tickets, clamping and towing. The ministry’s advice on how to prevent your vehicle from being issued with a breach notice, towed or clamped in a privately-owned car parking facility is:

  • choose your parking spot carefully
  • read any signs near your parking space or at the point of payment
  • follow any conditions on signs – pay attention to time limits, fees, and what will happen if you break these conditions
  • by parking in a privately-owned parking facility, you agree to the terms listed on its signs.

Please note that if you park on private land, even if there are no signs, your vehicle could be towed or clamped so you may need to pay.

Airport parking

Long-term parking at Whanganui Airport is controlled by a pay-by-plate meter located in the terminal building that accepts coins and credit cards. The cost is $10.00 per day (24 hours). There is a 50c fee for each card transaction. The airport car park is open from 6.30am until after the last incoming aircraft, and is secured and monitored at all other times.

Abandoned vehicles charges

Towage and recovery cost

Actual cost

Weekly storage fee (or part thereof)