Point of Entry Business Cases

As part of the long-term plan (LTP) process a Point of Entry Business Case (PoE) approach to project evaluation has been implemented. This will provide consistency in how projects are established and ensure the required information is assembled in a logical and coherent way to allow for sound decision-making. PoEs are required for all capital growth, acquisition and renewal investments. 

The PoE process allows us to explore how projects align with council objectives and provides a high-level description of the problem or opportunity prior to a commitment to assigning resources to the project.

Note that the list of business cases below is a work in progress; we’ll continue to add to it through the long-term plan process.

Funding has not been allocated to projects – in early October the Aspirations and Projects committee will make recommendations to the Strategy and Policy Committee for approval. Decisions will be made by the council once all business cases have been submitted.