High interest in proposed Durie Hill land purchase

Published on October 14, 2020

Durie Hill War Memorial Tower

Whanganui District Council will hold an additional meeting on Thursday, 22 October to consider and hear submissions on the proposed purchase of two sections near the Durie Hill War Memorial Tower. 

Public consultation closed on Wednesday, 30 September with more than 120 submissions received. Five people will present their submissions in person at the 22 October meeting. 

The council is considering the purchase of 3 and 9 Blyth Street as a council reserve to protect the views from the lower levels of the Durie Hill War Memorial Tower, as well as the general sense of “openness’ in the Durie Hill Reserve area. 

Three options were presented as part of the consultation process – the purchase of both properties, the purchase of 9 Blyth Street only or the status quo of no further land purchases. 

Council Senior Policy Analyst, Justin Walters, says the large number of submissions highlighted the public interest in the proposed purchase. 

“It is pleasing that the public has been keen to have their say by engaging with us through the consultation process, including those who may not have submitted to the council before.” 

The 9.30am meeting in the Council Chamber at 101 Guyton Street is open to the public and will be livestreamed via the council’s Facebook page. The council will also consider submissions on the Review of Psychoactive Substances: Local Approved Products Policy. 

Submissions may be viewed on the Have Your Say page.