Solid Waste Bylaw consultation

Submissions closed on 20 March 2024, 11:59 PM

Image of wheelie bin in park

We’re planning to bring in a Solid Waste Bylaw to regulate waste services in our district and we’re keen to hear your feedback on it.

The proposed Solid Waste Bylaw would help protect our environment by:

  • improving waste management for large-scale events
  • allowing data collection from non-council waste collectors
  • regulating waste disposal facilities in our district
  • managing council waste services
  • giving us the ability to enforce the bylaw rules.

Submissions closed on Wednesday, 20 March 2024.

What’s being proposed

Large-scale events

Whanganui has quite a number of regular, large-scale events, such as the Extravaganza Fair, Masters’ Games, and Fest of Cultural Unity. Right now event organisers can seek help from the council to put a waste management plan in place for events but this is voluntary.

Through the Solid Waste Bylaw, organisers running large-scale events that are either receiving council funding, on council land, or asking for council waste management support would be required to have an approved waste management plan in place, and to report back to the council on it afterwards.

The council would continue to provide advice for smaller events that want help with implementing a waste management plan.

Collecting data on rubbish

When planning for managing rubbish in our district it’s important to have data – but with rubbish being collected by private companies we have a lack of specific information on the amount of rubbish being collected from various areas, the make-up of the rubbish, and where the rubbish is being taken.

Under the Solid Waste Bylaw all private rubbish collectors would need to be licensed and provide us with reports that include this information.

It’s important to note that data would not be specific to individual users, and would only be used to get an understanding of waste across the district.

Managing waste disposal facilities

Currently the Whanganui district has no landfills or other private waste disposal facilities. The proposed Solid Waste Bylaw would require any such facility to acquire a licence before starting operation.

Council waste collection

The council has committed to providing kerbside collection of recycling from July this year, and the bylaw is proposed to come into effect in time for this.

Enforcing the bylaw

The proposed bylaw allows council to take enforcement action if somebody breaches the bylaw. This can include written warnings, withdrawing recycling collection, and reclaiming kerbside bins, or legal action where appropriate.