Public car parks

Kerbside parking

There are 615 kerbside metered parking spaces and 1118 time-restricted areas around the central city area. These are monitored to ensure regular turnover and availability of spaces. Infringers are ticketed, fined and followed up. Suburbs are serviced on demand.

Paid parking is between 8.00am and 5.30pm on weekdays and Saturdays. The Parking Services team patrol on a regular basis, including Saturdays.

Off-street parking

All off-street car parks are sealed, marked, have a minimum of security lighting and are signposted. St Hill Street, Ingestre Street, Drews Avenue and Moutoa Quay off-street car parks have pay-by-plate machines installed.

Name Location Number of parks

Winstone car park

St Hill Street


Moutoa car park

Motoua Quay


Phoenix car park

Drews Avenue


Wharenui car park

Ingestre Street


Museum carpark

Cameron Terrace (hill side only)