Apply for Resource Consent

Use this form to apply for land use consents, subdivision consents, deemed permitted boundary activities, amendments to resource consents and extending the time of a resource consent.


Please note that all information provided as part of a resource consent application is considered public information and will be accessible by people who seek to view the council’s property file relating to your property.

Step 1.Before you start

You will need to create a RealMe account to access the Council’s online application form. This will allow you to log in to Online Services website where you can complete the application form.

What you will need for a Resource Consent application:

  • A recent copy of your Certificate of Title (no older than three months) and any relevant consent notice documents 
  • An Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)
  • Consent of Affected Persons - Resource consent(PDF, 189KB), if relevant
  • Other supporting documents (for example, plans, site elevations).

What you will need for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity application:

  • A recent copy of the Certificate of Title (no older than three months) and any relevant consent notice documents
  • Consent of Owners of Affected Properties - Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity(PDF, 547KB)
  • Plan/elevations showing the extent of the boundary breach (plans must be signed by the owners of affected properties)

Council will either accept or reject your application within 10 working days.

You need to be aware that this does not mean your consent has been approved or rejected. If your consent has been accepted for processing, it will move on to the next step. If your consent has been rejected, it means you have not included the information required in your application. You will have to provide the additional information requested by the Council and submit a new application.  

If the Council requests further information regarding your application we will write a letter to you outlining the additional information we need. You must respond to us within 15 working days with what you intend to do. If you agree to provide the information, the Council will work with you to set a reasonable date by which the information needs to be received. Note: If you receive a request from the Council for further information, the working days stop until you provide a response. 

A decision on whether or not your resource consent application will be notified will be made within 20 working days (10 working days for a fast-track application).

Within 20 working days (10 working days for a fast-track application) we will make a decision on your application (which can be appealed). If your application requires public or limited notification, the time frame can be at least three to four months.

  • Fully explain your proposal and any effects it will have on neighbours and the environment. 
  • Provide good quality plans and elevations clearly showing the areas of non-compliance with the District Plan. 
  • Ensure your application is complete and includes all of the relevant information.
  • Pay your deposit – an application will not be processed until the deposit is received.

Accurate, well-drawn site plans and elevation plans are an essential part of most resource consent applications.

The site plan needs to be to scale, showing:

  • north orientation 
  • title and reference number 
  • date the plans were drawn 
  • topographical information 
  • natural features, including significant trees, indigenous vegetation and water courses 
  • site boundaries 
  • road frontages 
  • original ground levels 
  • location of existing buildings and their dimensions and distances to boundaries 
  • floor plans of any buildings on-site
  • buildings on adjacent sites 
  • layout and location of proposed building and activity 
  • earthworks design and contours 
  • landscaping 
  • car parking, manoeuvering space and access points
  • details of any signage, such as sign design, dimensions and location on buildings.

Elevation plans should be to a scale and:

  • show the dimensions for all structures including height, and the height in relation to the boundary
  • be from at least two aspects which should include the views from adjoining properties and the road
  • show original and finished ground level
  • show external appearance of buildings

All plans should be of a quality which can be photocopied. Where plans are larger than A3 in size, A3 or A4 reductions of the plans which clearly show the reduced scale are required.

Limited notification is a category of notification where the Council has determined that the activity will, or is likely to, affect adjoining persons, and where affected party approval has not been obtained. 

In this case, the application would be notified only to the party or parties the Council has determined are affected and have not provided written approval. Only these parties will be able to make a submission on the resource consent application and participate in a hearing.

Public notification is a category of notification where the Council has determined that the activity will have, or is likely to affect the general public.

The Council will place a public notice in the local newspaper calling for submissions (the submission period is open for 20 working days). Anyone can make a submission on a publicly notified resource consent application.

If objections are received that cannot be resolved, a hearing is held and the matter determined by an independent commissioner or panel of commissioners. The appointment of the commissioner(s) is made at the Council's discretion.