Apply for a Manager’s Certificate

Every holder of an on-licence, off-licence or a club licence (and in some circumstances, a special licence) must appoint a certified manager.

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, a manager must be 20 years or older and must hold the prescribed qualification (which currently is a Licence Controllers Qualification, LCQ), which covers knowledge of the Act and host responsibility requirements. You must also have current experience in the industry of at least three to six months.

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Step 1.What you will need

  • Photo identification
  • Current NZ drivers licence
  • A current passport or birth certificate
  • Details of currently held manager’s certificate (if applying for a renewal):
  • Proof of Licence Controller Qualification or NZQA Unit Standards 4646 and 16705
  • Reference from current employer, confirming position/duties and length of employment
  • Evidence to support any relevant training/qualification claimed
  • Evidence to support any experience claimed in the alcohol industry
  • If your legal name has been changed please provide a copy of the relevant document, e.g. marriage certificate or deed poll

Step 2.Submit an application

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You can also pay the licence fee via credit card or bank transfer as part of the application process.