Whanganui has 315km of hard surfaced footpaths.

A few streets have interconnecting walkways. In addition, some 1220 pram crossings are provided.

Where there are no adjacent dwellings, this service also maintains the grass berms.

Services provided include:

  • Urban footpaths - 312km, walkways – 4km.
  • Rural footpaths - 3km.
  • Generally urban streets have a footpath on at least one side. A few streets have none at the residents' request. In busy areas two footpaths are provided.
  • In high traffic areas, such as near shopping centres, the footpath is generally constructed from kerb to boundary i.e. more than 3m wide.
  • Clear access for pedestrians by mowing and tree trimming to specified distances from the path.
  • Berms are mown generally twice yearly where not maintained by residents. The grass is kept to 200mm or less. Other specified road berms are mowed to a higher standard e.g. Georgetti Road to 100mm and Burton Avenue centre island to 75mm. Steep banks are maintained for safety, visibility and tidiness.
  • Autumn leaf removal is undertaken in streets with deciduous trees.
  • Pram crossings are installed where wheeled traffic is common.
  • Bumps, hollows and lips are repaired where these would cause problems for pedestrians, pushchairs, mobility scooters etc.
  • Litter bins are placed in areas o​f demand, such as shopping centres, and are emptied regularly.

​Durie Hill Elevator

The service includes the Durie Hill Elevator which provides convenient safe access to and from Durie Hill for pedestrians and cyclists.
 The Elevator is open from 7.30am to 6pm weekdays, 9am to 6pm Saturdays, 10am to 5pm Sundays and public holidays. Closed Christmas Day.

Durie Hill Elevator charges are:

Children under 16 years$1
Concession (10 adult rides or 20 child rides)$12
​​School-aged children commuting to/from school on bike​Free
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