​​​Our district has long enjoyed a close association with cycling as a sport as well as an active way of getting around. We are also recognised as for our excellent cycling terrain, national accessibility and our temperate climate. Our city is also home to an outdoor velodrome.

We offer a good network of walking and cycle paths along the scenic Whanganui River. Marked cycle lanes also connect many suburbs, making it easy to cycle safely from home to school or work.

Roads around the city are frequently used by cycling training groups and cycling clubs.

Another big attraction for cycle tourists is the Mountain to Sea Cycle Trail, Ngā Ara Tūhono, which is part of The New Zealand Cycle Trail, Ngā Haerenga. 

Reporting issues when cycling

If you encounter an issue with a motor vehicle driver while cycling,  you can report it to the Police using the Community Roadwatch tool​ on their website.​

Page reviewed: 10 Sep 2018 11:01am