Rubbish & Recycling

​​​​​​​​​Rubbish collection

Urban rubbish collec​​tion

Whanganui District Council does not operate a waste collection service. However, there are a number of privately owned and operated waste collection companies.
The two main kerbside collection companies are EnviroWaste and Waste Manag​ement.

EnviroWaste offers a wheelie-bin only service, while Waste Management also offers a wheelie bin service and will still collect rubbish bags but is considering a move away from them in the future.

For more information on changes to rubbish collection, read a media release dated
1 December 2017 here.

Rubbish bags and wheelie bins need to be placed on the kerbside no later than 8.00am on the day of collection to ensure they will be picked up. See the map below for the collection day in your area.

Waste Management rubbish bags must have a pre-paid yellow sticker attached. Prepaid stickers are available from your local dairy, supermarkets and a variety of other stores. In addition, Waste Management “prepaid” rubbish bags (which do not require stickers) are on sale at selected supermarkets.

Wheelie bins are available from the private refuse removal companies.

Domestic rubbish bags can also be dropped off at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre, 79-83 Maria Place Extension, for $3.50 each. 

Green and other domestic wa​​ste

Green waste can be disposed of at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre as well as at the Liffiton Street waste transfer station which is operated by a private company. Charges apply.

Whan​ganui Resource Recover​y Centre
79 - 83 Maria Place Extension (next to the Fire Station)
Phone: (06) 348 7950 
Monday-Saturday: 8.30am-4.30pm
Sunday: 10.00am-4.00pm
Closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday and New Year's Day

Waste Management Transfer Station
14 Liffiton Street
Phone: (06) 348 8009
Monday–Saturday: 8.00am–4.30pm
Sunday and public holidays: 9.00am–4.00pm

Rural rubbish collection and drop off

The rural rubbish collection service is a combination of:

  • kerbside pick-ups
  • pick-ups from refuse bag collection points and
  • rural refuse sites where rubbish can be dropped-off.

Kerbside pick-ups

Rural rubbish kerbside pick-ups require Waste Management's yellow stickers (attached to a standard black garbage bag), or an orange bag, for kerbside picks-ups.

Pick-ups from refuse bag collection points

For pick-ups for refuse bag collection points, bags must also be bagged up and have a yellow Waste Management sticker attacjed (or be in an orange refuse bag)

Refuse bags and bins must be placed on the kerbside, or where applicable at the bag collection point, no later than 8.00am on the day of collection to ensure they will be picked up.

This map shows collection days for rubbish pick-up areas in the rural areas. 

Rural refuse sites

Transpacific collects waste from 13 'hooker' type bins from outlying sites in the district.

Sites are a mix of weekly and fortnightly pick-ups.  These bins are for the deposit of normal household/domestic waste by locals:  no animal or toxic waste is allowed.

Sites of bins and service frequency :

1.       Whanganui River Road

  • Parakino – Fortnightly
  • Atene - Fortnightly
  • Koroniti - Fortnightly
  • Matahiwi - Fortnightly
  • Ranana - Fortnightly
  • Jeruselum - Fortnightly
  • Pipiriki – Fortnightly

2.       Parihauhau - Weekly

3.       Tehue - Weekly

4.       Mangamahu - Fortnightly

5.       Ngaturi - Fortnightly

6.       Kauarapaoa - Fortnightly

7.       Kawhaiki - Monthly

Domestic rubbish bags can also be dropped off at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre, 79-83 Maria Place Extension, for $3.00 each. 

For more information on rural rubbish collection, please contact Graeme Paulger,


The Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre is a one-stop shop for resource recovery and waste minimisation in the Whanganui District. It opened in August 2013, replacing the Peat Street Recycling Centre.

The Centre is open 24/7 for dropping off glass, plastics, cans, clothing, paper and cardboard.

During normal opening hours, the Centre is open for people to drop off tyres, waste oil, e-waste, whiteware and green waste.

Visit the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre website.

​Waste Minimisation Fund

The Waste Minimisation Act 2010 assists communities and businesses to derive income to help address waste issues. The Act has mandated that a levy be put on waste disposed at all landfills nationally. 50% of the levy is allocated to councils on a pro rata capita basis.

Whanganui District Council has created a Waste Minimisation Fund, using allocated waste levy money, to allocate for waste minimisation purposes within our district.

The fund provides financial assistance, by way of grant, seeding finance or loan, to applicants for waste minimisation initiatives that further Whanganui's waste minimisation goal. The fund has been set up to boost Whanganui's performance in waste minimisation by increasing resource reuse, recovery, recycling and decrease waste to landfill.​

F​or further information please contact Stuart Hylton,  phone (06) 349 0001, or

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