Planned Works & Road Closures

Planned works October 2018

Pre-resealed road maintenance: Papaiti Road, Makirikiri Valley Road, Marangai Road, Rangitatau East Road, Tokomaru East Road, Whanganui River Road, Heads Road, Kowhai Street, Portal Street and Webb Road

Unsealed road grading: Fields Track, Kauarapaoa Road, Rangitatau East Road and Parihauhau Road

Kerb, channel and footpath renewal: Liverpool Street (Harrison Street to Bell Street), Taupo Quay (St Hill Street to Wilson Street)

Pavement reinstatement: Liverpool Street (Harrison Street to Bell Street) and Taupo Quay (Victoria Avenue to St Hill Street)

Stormwater works: Mosston Road (Tongariro Street to Ruapehu Street), Heads Road (Mosston Road to Cross Street)

Watermain works: Anzac Parade (Nixon Street to Nile Street), Kemp Street, Putiki Drive (Kemp Street to no. 98)

Durie Hill Elevator
Temporary closure

A fault with the Durie Hill Elevator means it won't be working for up to four weeks. During this period, all mechanical parts will be overhauled and new cables will be installed. We will let you know when it's up and running again via Community Link and our Facebook page.

Shakespeare Road
Road closure

Bastia Hill's Shakespeare Road will be closed at 27 Shakespeare Road on Wednesday, 17 October so contractors can replace a power pole. A crane will be on-site during this work. The road either side of this address will be open and traffic controllers will direct residents to and from their properties.

Anzac Parade/Marshall Avenue intersection closure
9 to 11 October 2018

Marshall Avenue will be closed for three days at its intersection with Anzac Parade while water and gas pipes are replaced. During this closure, signs will be in place to show the alternative route. Access to Marshall Avenue will be available from Millward Street.
Thanks for your patience.

Taupō Quay/St Hill Street traffic signals

Traffic signals will be switched on at the Taupō Quay/St Hill Street intersection before the end of September.

Roadworks have been underway at the intersection for several months, with traffic signal poles installed, the kerb and channel extended on Taupō Quay and St Hill Street, the seagull barrier removed (the concrete barrier which separated turning and straight-through traffic) and new lanes marked on both roads.

The traffic signals are being installed at the T-intersection as part of Te Tuaiwi Shared Pathway and an upgrade of Taupō Quay. The shared pathway runs the length of St Hill Street, separating cyclists from motor vehicles and providing school children with a safer route to schools in the central city.

The new lay-out includes designated left and right turning lanes for all drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to cross safely from St Hill Street to Taupō Quay, make their way to the City Wharf and join up with the City to North Mole shared pathway.

For more information about the traffic signals, visit

Crossing safely at a controlled intersection:

  • Check to make sure the pedestrian and/or cyclist signal opposite you has turned green, or the button is vibrating, before you cross. The buzzer is a warning to check your signal – it is not a 'clear to cross' signal.
  • Each button is an audio/tactile unit that emits its own sound and vibration to assist those who are visually impaired to cross safely.
  • If the signal turns flashing red while you're crossing, carry on. You'll have time to get across. The green signal is to initiate crossing. If it is flashing red or red don't start your crossing.
  • It is best to check for turning traffic before and during crossing. Turning drivers will be getting used to the new signals, so stay alert on the crossing at all times.

Guyton Street/St Hill Street intersection - new traffic signals 

Pedestrians are reminded to take extra care as they get used to changes at the Guyton Street/St Hill Street intersection.

New traffic signals have been installed at the intersection as part of Te Tuaiwi Shared Pathway through the central city.

The intersection lay-out has changed for drivers and the kerb has been extended for cyclists and pedestrians outside the main Council building and at the opposite corner outside Furniture Zone. Diagonal crossing for pedestrians is no longer available and cyclists have specially marked lanes for crossing alongside pedestrians if they are cycling along St Hill Street.

At Guyton Street/St Hill Street, signs have been put up to remind pedestrians there is no diagonal crossing.

The Council has taken the extra precaution of reducing the volume of the buzzer across the intersection so it sounds loudest next to the button that has been pushed by someone waiting to cross the road.

Here are some tips for crossing safely at a controlled intersection:

  • Look to make sure the pedestrian signal opposite you has turned green before you cross
  • If the signal turns red while you’re crossing, carry on. You’ll have time to get across
  • It is best to check for turning traffic before and during crossing
  •  Turning drivers are also getting used to the new signals, so stay alert on the crossing at all times

Mosston Road restrictions
Stormwater upgrade


The Mosston Road stormwater pipe upgrade involves upgrading stormwater services to the Westborne Manufacturing Zone (Mill Road/Manuka Street). A concrete pipe, 1350mm in diameter is being built specifically for stormwater drainage to enable industrial development in the area.

As part of this work, access to several streets will be restricted until approximately July 2019. Temporary traffic management can be expected during these works.

Latest update

Here’s an update on the work which has been completed so far and what is yet to come.

The first part of this upgrade, which is the works at the intersection of Heads Road and Mosston Road, has been completed. The intersection will be sealed as soon as weather permits. This seal will be temporary but it will be upgraded with a more substantial material soon.

The stormwater main works at Hinau Street have also been completed and this section will also be permanently re-sealed within the next two weeks. The section of Mosston Road from Heads Road to Hinau Street will also be permanently sealed in due course.

The next section of road works to install more pipework will take place on Heads Road, from the Mosston Road intersection toward town for a distance of about 250 metres. This work is likely to be completed by late November 2019.

Following this work, another stormwater pipe will be installed along Heads Road toward Castlecliff for a distance of about 220 metres. This work is likely to be completed by February 2019.

What's ahead

Temporary traffic management can be expected in the following streets for the duration of the separation activity:

  • Heads Road (East of Mosston Road) from 6 August 2018 to 26 November 2018
  • Heads Road (West of Mosston Road) from 29 October 2018 to 18 February 2019
  • Ruapehu Street from 20 December 2018 to 11 March 2019
  • Kowhai Street from 4 February 2019 to 29 April 2019
  • Titoki Street from 8 April 2019 to 29 July 2019
Although we will try to minimise full road closures as much as possible, in some cases they can’t be avoided due to the nature of the work taking place.

These will be advertised in Community Link (the Council's page in the Midweek) and on this page.  

New lay-out for Totara Street/Fitzherbert Avenue intersection 

Work has finished installing a new roading lay-out at the Fitzherbert Avenue/Totara Street intersection to increase traffic safety.

The new T-intersection gives priority to Fitzherbert Avenue traffic, with stop and give way signs controlling traffic in and out of Totara Street.

New signage and traffic islands have been installed.

Pedestrian b​​​rid​​ge closure – Matipo Park

The pedestrian bridge at Matipo Park is closed because of safety concerns after a  structural inspection. 

The access track leading from Brunswick Road is locked and the car park is temporarily unavailable. Please contact the Parks Department on 349 0001 for further information.

There is signage at Matipo Park informing users about the closure of the bridge.​​​​

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