Planned Works & Road Closures

Planned works April 2019


Flood damage recovery: Whanganui River Road (Jerusalem Bluff Retreat, 2015 storm event), Makirikiri Valley Road, Parihauhau Road and Mangahowai Road (2017 storm event)

Pavement road maintenance: No 2 Line, Mosston Road, Tayforth Road, Seafield Road

Road resealing: Guyton Street, Drews Avenue

Unsealed road grading: Kauarapaoa Road, Okoia area

Pavement renewals: No 3 Line

Kerb and channel renewal: Wilson Street (Maria Place to Guyton Street), Victoria Avenue (Caltex to Dublin Street)

Footpath renewal: Wilson Street (Maria Place to Guyton Street), Victoria Avenue (Caltex to Dublin Street)

Pavement reinstatement: Wilson Street (Maria Place to Guyton Street), Victoria Avenue (Caltex to Dublin Street)

Mowing and vegetation treatment: River Road

Stormwater: Mosston Road (Titoki Street to Mill Road), Mill Road, Heads Road (Raupo Street to Mosston Road), Kowhai Street

Central city resurfacing

25 March 2019

Two sites in Whanganui’s central business district will be resurfaced by Whanganui Alliance in April, depending on the weather.

They are Drews Avenue (Ridgway Street to Watt Street) and Guyton Street (Victoria Avenue to Wicksteed Street). Once dates are confirmed, large visual display signs will be in place with more details for motorists travelling in those areas. Thank you for your patience during this work.

Service lane closures - Drews Avenue and Taupō Quay

14 March 2019

Service lanes which provide access to the car park behind Embassy 3 from Taupō Quay and Drews Avenue will be closed over several days later this month.

Two walls that run alongside the lanes will be painted as part of the Whanganui Walls street art festival, which is bringing national and international artists to Whanganui.

The service lane from Drews Avenue will close from Tuesday, 26 March. The car park will remain open with access available from Taupō Quay.

Once the first wall is complete, the service lane’s Taupō Quay entrance will close so work can begin on the second wall and the Drews Avenue entrance will re-open.

Detours will be in place during the closures from Friday, 26 March to Monday, 1 April.

The carpark will remain open throughout this period and pedestrian access will be available at all times so the public can watch the street artists in action.

Mill Road stormwater upgrade

20 February 2019

As part of the stormwater upgrade to enable the expansion of the Mill Road Industrial Zone, a new stormwater system will be installed in Mill Road. Work began last week.

New pipes – 1200mm, 1350mm and 1600mm – will be installed along with manholes. The work is expected to take about seven months.

Speed restrictions and a one-way system controlled by traffic lights will be in place. Additional traffic management may be required and will be advertised.

Road closure - Mosston Road stormwater upgrade

5 February 2019

Work on upgrading the stormwater pipe to the Westbourne Manufacturing Zone has resumed in Mosston Road, which will be closed between Kowhai Street and Titoki Street for up to eight weeks before being re-assessed. The closure was temporarily lifted over the school holiday period.

If you've travelling in the Mosston Road area, please take extra care and follow all detours. A detour is still in place for heavy vehicles, using Heads Road and Carlton Avenue to enter and exit Castlecliff and the industrial zone. Thanks for your patience.

Mosston Road restrictions
Stormwater upgrade


The Mosston Road stormwater pipe upgrade involves upgrading stormwater services to the Westborne Manufacturing Zone (Mill Road/Manuka Street). A concrete pipe, 1350mm in diameter is being built specifically for stormwater drainage to enable industrial development in the area.

As part of this work, access to several streets will be restricted until approximately July 2019. Temporary traffic management can be expected during these works.

Latest update

Here’s an update on the work which has been completed so far and what is yet to come.

The first part of this upgrade, which is the works at the intersection of Heads Road and Mosston Road, has been completed. The intersection will be sealed as soon as weather permits. This seal will be temporary but it will be upgraded with a more substantial material soon.

The stormwater main works at Hinau Street have also been completed and this section will also be permanently re-sealed within the next two weeks. The section of Mosston Road from Heads Road to Hinau Street will also be permanently sealed in due course.

The next section of road works to install more pipework will take place on Heads Road, from the Mosston Road intersection toward town for a distance of about 250 metres. This work is likely to be completed by late November 2019.

Following this work, another stormwater pipe will be installed along Heads Road toward Castlecliff for a distance of about 220 metres. This work is likely to be completed by February 2019.

What's ahead

Temporary traffic management can be expected in the following streets for the duration of the separation activity:

  • Heads Road (East of Mosston Road) from 6 August 2018 to 26 November 2018
  • Heads Road (West of Mosston Road) from 29 October 2018 to 18 February 2019
  • Ruapehu Street from 20 December 2018 to 11 March 2019
  • Kowhai Street from 4 February 2019 to 29 April 2019
  • Titoki Street from 8 April 2019 to 29 July 2019
Although we will try to minimise full road closures as much as possible, in some cases they can’t be avoided due to the nature of the work taking place.

These will be advertised in Community Link (the Council's page in the Midweek) and on this page.  

Pedestrian b​​​rid​​ge closure – Matipo Park

The pedestrian bridge at Matipo Park is closed because of safety concerns after a  structural inspection. 

The access track leading from Brunswick Road is locked and the car park is temporarily unavailable. Please contact the Parks Department on 349 0001 for further information.

There is signage at Matipo Park informing users about the closure of the bridge.​​​​

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